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Intrepid Baboon®

Coffee with character to match your mood

Get in the Mood® offers an original range of gourmet ground coffee, blended from Arabica beans (with quality Robusta in our espresso) and freshly roasted to deliver a spectrum of taste for discerning coffee lovers.

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A retailer's joy

Our Coffee Buddies love nothing better than jumping off shelves into customers' baskets!

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Meet the Gang

Coffee Beans

We love coffee!

... the smell of a fresh brew, how luscious it looks, the tingling warmth, the delicious taste of those special notes that sing on our tongues, but best of all, we love how it makes us feel when we drink it. 

We want everyone to enjoy this experience, so that's why we've created a range of original coffee with character that matches your mood - in short, each and every blend is distinctive and downright tasty in their own special way (just like you!) 

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