About Us

If you love what you do for a job, then you never have to work a day in your life!


Ian and Paula Lain (husband and wife team) ran an international design and marketing agency and as everyone knows in that line of business, a good cup of coffee always helps when pulling a late one! 

Deadline’s aside, they had always been passionate about drinking fresh coffee and in 2001 met with a roaster who introduced them to an amazing array of beans from all around the world. He wanted some marketing, they wanted to explore the world of coffee, so together they set up a new coffee business.

During the next few years, as that business grew, they tested new ideas that might tantalise customers’ taste buds and inspire them to become loyal shoppers, when Paula suddenly realised that it was a bit like dating; if she could match the character of the coffee with the character of the person buying it, they might just fall in love - BOOM!  

And, what if for fun, these characters weren't the two-legged kind (animals being another passion) ...So Paula sketched up a few that resonated with their interests and past-times (travel, sport, quality experiences, chilling-out, generally ‘doing stuff’…), Ian digitised them and the buddies were born - Coffee with Character to match different moods!


With the gang developing distinctive personalities and pushing for more leg space, these healthy growing animals needed a place to call their own.

So became Get in the Mood® Store, a place they can hang out, enjoy life and find out what makes them happy.  And if by chance you're looking for a bit of fun, then you're most welcome to come on over!


Friends make friends and tastes develop and grow, so watch this space. Meantime though, Drink Coffee, Be Happy.

Enjoying great products and having fun 

We are passionate about eeking the most out of life and enjoying simple pleasure. We love connecting with people, products and  places. We are always in the mood to have some fun and hope that you will join us along the way!  Pssst... we don't look like these dogs in case you wondered!