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Kirsty Stroud

  • Specialist field CrossFit
  • Nationality British
  • Nicknames Oliverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  • Special skills Making clothes fit funny!
  • Top win Coming first in the Battle of Britain
  • Proudest moment Winning the French Throwdown in my first year of competing!
  • Fave fuels Brilliant Raccoon® (and Cheese Nachos shhh)
  • Achilles heel Getting lost
  • Top training tip Never train on an empty stomach
  • Wanna have superpower Hair washed and dried by just clicking fingers!

We are simply in awe of this athlete; she can run, she can lift, she can jump, she can climb... In short there is pretty much nothing she won't try to make her body do! The dedication to practice and train herself and her passion to coach others is inspiring, and we are thrilled that she's joined our team!

"I fell into CrossFit when I met my other half who was a trainer. Before this, I never really took part in any exercise, let alone compete in a sport; in fact I was a bit of a couch potato! Aside from all the skills I am continually learning, I love the fact that I am no longer fat, I am strong, agile, flexible and aerobically fit. Now I couldn't live without it - the buzz I get and the way I feel that I can tackle anything, is amazing!" Kirsty Stroud

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