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Salina Jane

  • Specialist fields Artist, Illustrator, Printmaker, Knitter
  • Nationality British
  • Nickname Fast Draw Sal
  • Special skills Drawing and knitting Shawls…. at the same time!
  • Top Win Publishing my book The Journey Shawl
  • Happiest moment Ditching veg boxes for my home grown veg
  • Fave fuels Partied out Panda® paired with toast and marmalade – all home-made of course!
  • Achilles heel My Bengal cat Magik, AKA Shouty, who is very loud and distracting!
  • Top creative tip Draw every day
  • Wanna have superpower I’ve got it – Drawing! What else do I need?!

We are all a little bit in love with the amazing Salina Jane - Artist, Illustrator, Printmaker, Knitter and Allotment Queen! We are so chuffed that she joined us, especially as now our stories can intertwine.

"I am a visual storyteller, born and raised in London to East Indian, Guyanese parents. I've always had a passion for art and storytelling in pictures and have drawn from a very young age. I am driven to share the best of life, my passions, hobbies and loves, and those around me through series of commissioned works. I love working in print, drawing and paint to create bold fantastical pieces full of mystery, imagination, and narrative. Creativity and play is at the heart of my work, and that's just one of the many reasons I love the Coffee Buddies™!" Salina Jane

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