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Sarah Kingdom

  • Specialist field Wakeboarding
  • Nationality British
  • Nicknames NutNut or SK currently, but Skitz, Spesh, Titch and Mush have also featured over the years!
  • Special skills Still being able to pull off an old school gymnastics backflip!
  • Top win Current 2019 Wakeboard Boat Ladies Masters Champion, European Ladies Veterans Silver medallist 2019
  • Proudest moment Standing alongside team mates in our Team GB uniforms, flag aloft, gets me every time
  • Fave fuels Pre-Hectic Hamster®, semi-functioning human, little power of speech. Post Hectic, invincible chatterbox!
  • Achilles heel Forgetting to get milk for my coffee
  • Top training tip Remember to pack a change of underwear!
  • Wanna have superpower To have my perfect beach ringlets, all the time, every time!

We are proud and excited to have this force of nature on the Mood Adventure with us; The formidable Sarah 'Nut Nut' throws herself at life and comes up riding it like it 'aint no thang...

"In late 2004, an outing feeding someone else’s curiosity of ‘wakeboarding’ changed the direction of everything for me; instantly hooked, obsessed and consumed, I soon found myself travelling all corners of the globe, doing demonstrations, coaching and was the first UK female wakeboarder to be recognised as National Masters Champion, one of the first to compete at European level in that category, and a few years on, competing with Team GB in another new category, Women’s Veterans. I just can’t stop". Sarah Kingdom

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