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Gitm us alex aeropress beach


Whilst my buddy Hectic Hamster® doesn't like sea swimming as much as me, he's always there to warm me up after! Let me tell you about my love for AeroPress...

An AeroPress can be used to make hot or cold coffee - but cold coffee after a sea swim? I don't think so! So I make it hot.

Not everyone is familiar with this brilliant gadget - did you know that baristas often use them to 'cup' with because an AeroPress coffee is a bright clean tasting coffee without any bitter or over-brewed notes. You can clearly taste the defined flavours of the beans you've chosen.

As well as making a fantastic single cup, for any one who is out and about, the AeroPress is so useful as its easily transportable - you just need a way of boiling water. I often take mine away on holiday as hotels tend to have a room kettle, and sure beats instant.

Our Ambassador Adventurer Manselis a great fan, but he's normally up some mountain with Intrepid Baboon® and a camping stove!

Anyway, I'm getting distracted (ha!)

Hectic Hamster and Aeropress

First, get together your AeroPress, coffee beans (and grinder!) or coarse ground coffee, a kettle, stirrer, scales and some sort of timer (I use my mobile).

So, I grind Hectic Hamster® beforehand, but everything else happens at the beach. I boil some water, push the plunger out my trusty AeroPress, put the filter into the filter cap and carefully pour through a little hot water before I attach it to my AeroPress.

I pour in the ground coffee (how much? Enough so that you can follow the Golden Ratio of 1:15!). Next I give the AeroPress a few taps to settle the coffee and then saturate the grounds with double the volume of boiling water. Stand back and watch it bloom!

Then I pour in the remaining water (here comes the Golden Ratio again! Enough water to make it up to 15 times the volume of coffee) and stir for 10-15 seconds.

Place the plunger on top and I let it steep for 3-5 minutes, then I press the plunger down slowly and steadily.

Finally, I pour my warming coffee, and clean the AeroPress as soon as I can (it’s easier!).

So that's how I make it but you can play with the steeping time and the coffee:water ratio to get the flavour you favour!

If the plunger is hard to push down, use a coarser grind or reduce the amount of coffee (and therefore water) in your press. If it’s too easy to push down, use a finer grind or put in more coffee.

And if you want to be different, instead of pulling out the plunger, leave it in the AeroPress and rest it on the plunger. Dose the coffee into the upside down AeroPress, saturate it with water 1:2 and wait for the bloom. Then pour in the rest of the water, stir for 10-15 seconds and attach the filter and filter cap. Put your mug on top of the filter cap, flip everything over and press the plunger down slowly and steadily. Again, I recommend you clean the AeroPress as soon as possible.

I always buzz from my English Channel dips, and now I get a double buzz with my buddy Hectic!


Al xx

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