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Builders Coffee

Most large building sites would once have had a tea cabin where you would dry off and warm up with a cup of very strong tea, usually with milk and sometimes with competitive level of sugar, but research undertaken by Covers Timber and Builders Merchants, tells us that Builder's Tea is no longer preferred drink for construction workers!

Tastes are a-changing even in this long established brown beverage drinking heartland.

I happened to read an article by Giles Sheldrick, uncovering research that suggests a traditional mug of builder’s tea, so long the refreshment of choice for our country’s construction industry, is suddenly no longer flavour of the month. It appears today’s tradesmen have acquired something of a taste for coffee.

Commercial director from Cover Timber and Building Merchants, Henry Green said: “Strong builder’s tea has long been associated with tradespeople but with the growing coffee culture in the UK we were curious to see if tea had been knocked off the top spot.

“Our survey proves that tea is still fuelling the British builder but with coffee winning 44 per cent of the vote, this may not be the case for much longer

Nearly as many scaffolders, carpenters, electricians and van drivers are likely to ask for a frothy latte, cappuccino or Americano as they are an English breakfast with two sugars.

A new survey showed that while millions still devour a builder’s brew each morning, some 44 per cent shun the traditional cuppa for a coffee, in all its incarnations.

Labourers are also having less sugar in their hot drinks these days with 45 per cent taking their tea as it comes and only one per cent having three sugars or more.

English breakfast still remains the go-to tea for builders, but an unlikely 11 per cent admit to sipping Earl Grey throughout the day.

Builders Coffee from Get in the Mood Coffee on Vimeo.

We asked around and based on our collective experience there are thermo mugs, the occaisional flask, paper cups from that large chain of coffee shops - or that even larger chain of burger drive-throughs but mostly on domestic jobs, the choice is getting more diverse. If you are the 'customer' having work done, be prepared for some barista level catering.

We had builders working on an extension to our house and when they discovered our business was coffee, the orders at 'Tea break' were pretty varied and included one poor guy getting laughed at for wanting a cappuccino in the afternoon!

"Couldn't do us a Soy Latte could you mate - and any biscotti kicking about?"

I'm a week into digging up and replacing our patio and worked through all our blends systematically - the main problem being getting distracted and wasting half a cup because it went cold or I dropped topsoil in it.

The solution for me - espresso! Shorter breaks with all the taste - it's Intrepid Baboon from now until the tools are back in the shed.



IB with cup
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