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We're stoked that mountaineer and adventurer Mansel has made buddies with Intrepid Baboon® and become one of our Coffee Ambassadors. Together they are about to undertake a crazy, but doable challenge in 20/21... More on the specific challenge on his Ambassador Page!

Meantime, let's find out more about the man himself ...

How long have you been climbing?

45 years

What has been your greatest achievement in that field to date?

6 Alpine North Faces

What have you achieved that you were not expecting?

Climbing three of the Snow Leopard Award Peaks in the early 90’s.

What are your goals?

Completing the 2 Snow Leopard Awards back to back.

How much time do you dedicate to your sport?

Not enough.

What does it give you?

A love of life 😊

What is the hardest thing about it?

Not letting it become an obsession.

MK Himalayas
Mansel in the Himalayas

What are you most proud of?

My children and grandchildren.

Do many of your friends do this too? Yes

Top tips for anyone wanting to get involved or already involved?

Join a club and enjoy it.

What else do you enjoy?


Greatest vice?

Tech, coffee and a good whiskey

Who inspires you - Professionally and personally?

Reinhold Messner and my Mother

What makes you laugh?

Silly things.

What is the most annoying thing about people?

Lack of ambition.

Gitm ambassadors mansel2

What would make you talk to someone at a party?

Anyone who looked like they had good stuff to say .

Do you have pets?

Watch this space as getting a puppy soon.

What is your mood generally?

Happy and easy going.

What do you listen to when training?

I enjoy the noises of nature

What do you read/watch?

Tom Clancy and sci-fi movies

Read about his Snow Leopard Challenge on his Ambassador Page, where you'll also find links to his website!

Gitm ambassadors mansel and BR