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Gitm us claire iced coffee


If you're patient, and are the sort of person who looks forward to a nice sit down, then a Cold-Press on a hot day could be just your thing!

Before I start, if you're not sure what a Cold-Press is, let me explain :)

Cold Brewed coffee (or Cold Press) is a caffeine-rich, less acidic coffee that makes a refreshing drink on a hot day.

It's made by steeping coarse ground coffee in cold water, and leaving it to "brew” over night (ideally 18 to 24 hours). You then filter it for drinking.

I'm using Partied out Panda® this time, but any of the buddies are good for this. Just note they'll need to be beans because you'll need to grind them coarsely (our ready-ground option for the gang is a medium grind you see, or in the case of Intrepid Baboon® he's fine).

Partied0out Panda and cold press

Anyway, start by using the magical Golden Ratio – 1:15 coffee/water – and you can use any container. In this instance, I used a French Press but some people like to add an extra step to filter any grounds that come through.

I like to make my Cold Brew coffee by putting 5 tablespoons coffee into Cafetière and mixing it with 16 oz (roughly 2/3rds full) water. You stir, cover with lid (but don't plunge) and put in fridge for 16-20hrs.

You'll need to find what you enjoy but I like to brew mine for around 18 hours before I plunge. If you want to filter it, simply pour the coffee through a fine cloth or filter paper.

And when it comes to drinking, pour over ice, mix 1 part coffee with 3 parts water or milk, or drink black with a garnish of lemon or mint..., kick back, relax and enjoy! Dogs optional.

Hugs from Claire (and Toby my FrappoChien) x

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