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Camping GTG Thumb

As I type, rain is bouncing off the cars outside and there is a chill in the air – in mid Summer.
This is what comes to mind when friends suggest camping trips - even festivals.

As a child, my parents went camping every weekend – that’s every weekend, all year round which meant I went camping a lot. They had a caravan, wine and BBQ’s with their friends whilst us offspring were banished to the corner of a field in our little tents. It was in equal parts fun because we got to see a lot of beautiful countryside with good friends - and miserable because there was a lot of damp and cold and rain-stops-play.

Because of all this (gesturing vaguely at the whole world) many of us are looking at ways to have a break this year and grab some normality back in any way we can.

Ian and Bloogal
My preferred way to camp now :)

This means more than ever, the C word keeps coming up. As an adult I am better placed to control more of my environment which in camping terms means I can sleep in a camper, not a tent and I can cook some breakfast while making a decent coffee in a ‘proper’ cup with normal milk and sit on a comfy seat to enjoy it.

Yeah it’s a soft option and if you want to ‘keep it real’ under canvas, you can, of course, take your choice of the best camping coffee maker to be sure you can still make a decent coffee. That will help distract you from the damp socks and sleeping bag! Luckily, Kate was up for some garden camping, so she also gets to star in these pics.

Camping Kate making GTG
Kate Garden-Camping with Hectic and her family.

My favourite ways of making coffee in the great outdoors are listed below – you can choose by you coffee preference and how much you want to carry.

Cafetiére – probably a metal insulated type not a glass one*

Aeropress – just don’t let the filter papers get wet

Pour over - Super simple - you can even get silicone ones (still need filter papers)

Portable espresso maker – there a quire a few of these around from companies like Wacaco

Of course there are stove top Moka pots and percolators if you are not packing light

..and Google will give you some really savage old school ways too (some involving socks)

*our Good to go Kit is great for this too.

Despite my 'camping fatigue' it is still a great way to get away and any discomfort is good for your soul or something!

Peace out


Coffee at the beach ...ahhhh