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bag of Intrepid Baboon, a cup of coffee and a coffee and walnut cake

Coffee cakes for any occasion in my family! With 4 children in the house, there is always an excuse for making cake – a birthday, a celebration, a visitor, a picnic… And if we can’t find an excuse, we bake one anyway.

Coffee cake is a firm favourite in my house – whether it’s a rich chocolatey cake with the sweetness offset by espresso or a Moroccan style flourless “cake” which draws together the flavours of cardamon, coffee and chocolate. Then there are the swimming competition brownies with, you guessed it, chocolate and coffee. The great thing about these is that they’re made with chickpea flour and give a protein boost, without breaking any club policies on nuts and seeds.

Moka Intrepid Baboon Bag

Today’s it’s William’s 14th birthday so he gets to choose. He has picked a coffee and walnut cake, demonstrating his love of the slight bitterness of coffee and the sharp edge of the walnuts, offset by the sweet mixture.

coffee cake decorated with walnuts in window
Intrepid Baboon Moka

It’s time to get out my Moka and grab a bag of Intrepid Baboon. The grind is fine enough to suit a Moka and I want a rich espresso bite to provide a good flavour. The best bit is that I only needed 4 tablespoons for my recipe so I indulged in a frothy milky coffee to keep me going while I baked.

I dive between recipe books and online recipes depending on what I fancy. This simple BBC Good Food Coffee and Walnut Cake was just right for this cake.

The icing went a bit too bubbly for a professional buttercream finish but the walnuts were a good distraction and William didn’t care. By the end of the day, we’d drunk delicious coffee in the morning sunshine and eaten scrumptious cake in the afternoon. What more could you want!

coffee cake with walnuts made by Kate