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Second Place2

Fun Coffee Facts!

In the UK, we now drink approximately 95 million cups of coffee per day but coffee is only the second most popular hot drink in the world (according to the internet). Here are some other notable 'seconds' for coffee:

2nd Biggest
After Crude oil, coffee is the second most traded commodity

2nd Wind?
Oldest Cat Ever. Creme Puff a 38 year old drank coffee every morning of her life

2nd Time around
The caffeine extracted from Decaf is sold to soft drinks manufacturers

2nd Choice
Fresh coffee is in a solid second place to instant, with the split being about 80/20. If you are one of the 80% please look though our site for ways to easily upgrade your brewing habits! Check the gang out here >

2nd Place
The Finns had topped the charts for a long time in terms of which nation drank the most coffee - averaging 12Kg per head every year. But may have been toppled last year by the Netherlands

2nd Hand!
You can buy coffee that has been 'through' a Civet (Kopi Luwak) or an Elephant (Black Ivory) - if you want to spend between £400 & £900 per kilo respectively.

2nd Chance
Coffee was banned in some countries at different times in history for reasons ranging from it being evil, promoting radical thinking, being unhealthy, causing lethargy(!) or just being inferior to beer!

2nd Billion (sorry, getting tenuous)
About 2 1/4 billion cups of coffee consumed every day around the world

2nd Use of the internet (Probably not)
The world's first webcam was set up to watch a coffee pot so researchers in the at Cambridge University could see if there was any left

Not on my watch though! Solid Gold AFAIC.

I will save up and try a cup of Black Ivory Coffee when I get a chance - just to say I have. I've tried Kopi Luwak and really liked it - but not enough to have a Civet join our Coffee Buddies.