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Gitm ambassadors Jo Meek Russia 2019 and IB
Gitm ambassadors Jo Meek Kazakhstan 2018
Jo winning in Kazakhstan in 2018

We are super proud to have the amazing Team GB Jo Meek as one of our Coffee Ambassadors.

We caught up with her to ask her why she chooses her legs as her first choice to cover ground.

How long have you been Ultra Running?

I have been running for 25 years now.

What has been your greatest achievement in that field to date?

Donning the blue, red and white vest and representing Team GB.

What have you achieved that you were not expecting?

To be sponsored!

What are your goals?

To keep racing competitively whilst I can.

How much time do you dedicate to your sport?

I reckon half my life is absorbed with my love of running! Up to 15 hours a week preparing and training.

What does it give you?

A clear perception, a sense of achievement and a healthy mind and body.

What is the hardest thing about it?

It’s a privilege to be able to run so I try and remember that all the time. The hardest thing is getting injured.

What are you most proud of?

In my ultra- running career probably coming 2nd in the CCC. Check out the video below!

Do many of your friends do this too?

No. I have friends on the running circuit but my friends at home don’t tend to run ultras.

Top tips for anyone wanting to get involved or already involved?

Set a goal and build up to it. You want to sort of enjoy the experience so train for it.

What else do you enjoy?

Friends; cooking, cycling, gin and all of these with friends.

Greatest vice?

Peanut butter.

Who inspires you - Professionally and personally?

No one. I don’t have anyone who in particular. Inspiration, for me, is a really deep seated personal motivation that varies and I find I don’t tend to externalise it.

What makes you laugh?

My husband.

What is the most annoying thing about people?

Wasting time. Dropping litter.

What would make you talk to someone at a party?

Eye contact and a smile.

Do you have pets?

I did have Rufus my beloved Border Terrier for 15 years. He died last summer and I’m still in mourning!

What is your mood generally?


What do you listen to when training?

The voices in my head. The birds outside my head.

What do you read/watch?

I like to read before bedtime. Currently reading a John Irving novel. I also subscribe to The Week for my current affairs update.

Please check out her Ambassador Page :)

Jo Meek rock