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When your friends and family know that you are as passionate about coffee as we are, they naturally tend to give us coffee gifts. It might seem odd to give someone who runs a coffee company coffee as a present but we love tasting beans from other suppliers. It's fun to explore different coffees and to see what single origins and blends are popular so, interesting varieties make a great present.

Where things get a little more tricky is the non-coffee elements of coffee gift sets. Do you include coffee making equipment with your present? Is your recipient a lover of espresso or cappuccino and how will they brew the coffee you're giving them? Then there's the question of where and how they will drink their coffee and what, if anything, they like to put with it. In a household where no one takes sugar, a cute looking crystallised sugar stick isn't much use. Does anyone really need more cake and chocolate for their birthday? (Well.... maybe, but that's not the point!).

A mug might make you laugh if it's funny, or smile if it's pretty, but what if you don't have space for any more mugs in your house? Fancy coffee spoons or single cup V-drippers or even clips for holding your coffee bag closed are all great but how many does one human require for everyday life?

Find an inspired gift for a coffee lover

Paula’s family and friends know that her gifts inspire happiness! They are carefully chosen to fit their preferences, lifestyle and needs. So she might give a bottle of wine and an after-dinner coffee like Fancy Cat or Intrepid Baboon Espresso or, for an active friend, she might pick a high caffeine, pre-training coffee like Brilliant Raccoon with a pair of dumbbells. As you can tell, Paula likes to give a gift that suits the recipient. (Side note, she does also give gifts that don’t include coffee but this isn’t really the place to chat about pants and jewellery!)

Obviously we're biased but we think that giving coffee is a wonderful way to show your gratitude to family, friends, teachers or colleagues and it really doesn't matter whether you're giving it to a man or a woman. All we need is a little of Paula's creativity to help us along the way…

Coffee lover gifts uk - Coffee Starter Kit with tote bag
Vivacious Tote bag - part of our Starter Kit

A new approach to coffee presents

As people who (to coin a phrase) love coffee and hate waste, we're taking a fresh approach to coffee gifts. Prompted by Paula, we have scratched our heads and thought about the kinds of coffee presents that we give, how we enjoy giving coffee gifts all year around and the kinds of things that we pair with coffee. Then we began to wonder if this might be the way other people would like to give… Why not offer coffee gifts that hit the mark for people like us, people who are focused on the coffee (rather than all those other products)? After all, even if you love a latte or cappuccino, how many milk frothers does one person need? And what DO people do with a wicker hamper once they've taken out the coffee?

We have dropped the stylish coffee gift sets in chic boxes in favour of coffee kits with less packaging and less waste. If you or your recipients are like us, then we hope you'll appreciate the simplicity of these coffee kits which suit pretty much anyone, any occasion and any coffee maker.

From thank you gifts to Christmas gifts, our high quality coffees, each with a unique flavour, lie at the heart of the coffee gift; rather than a coffee gift that depends on them having the right equipment. It's time to put the coffee centre stage!

The coffee gift kits include full-sized bags, with tasting notes printed on them. Your recipient can enjoy brewing our delicious gourmet coffee using whichever method they think will be the best match for the flavour and style of the beans. They can savour delicious pure Arabica coffee beans, blended and roasted into coffee perfection! The only blend that uses Robusta is Intrepid Baboon which has the kind of "bite" that's ideal for someone who loves Espresso. Many of our sets include ground coffee - just incase your lucky recipient doesn't have their own grinder - but some kits are available with beans. No matter what type of coffee maker they have on hand, our standard grind is suitable for French press, Aeropress, cold press, filter, drip, siphon and even Turkish coffee methods. Intrepid Baboon is ground finer so our recommendation is that this is the ideal choice for friends and family with an Espresso machine or a Moka stove pot. Incidentally, we’ve got lots more coffee brewing tips in our blogs if you need any pointers.

Kactus cup FOR WEB
Get in the Mood's reusable Travel Mug

Coffee gifts with an eco-friendly stance

To accompany their coffee, we've hand-picked reusable travel cups (perfect for a takeaway coffee and Barista friendly for your Flat White) and French press mugs. You can give your family member or friend a gift that lets them enjoy fresh brewed coffee on the go, with an eco-friendly stance. Both types of cups are dishwasher safe so super convenient too.

The cute Panda and Cat stencils are made from recyclable plastic and people love our reusable organic cotton rucksack and tote bags. You can use them to wrap the delicious freshly roasted gourmet coffee delight and your friend can reuse their Get in the Mood bag for just about anything!

You don't just need to take our word for how popular these gifts are, you can read the reviews from people who love their kits and discover what brewing methods they use for the different Coffee Buddies.

Good to Go and Good to Share

We began selling our incredibly popular Good to Go Kits some time ago. These pair one of our small batch roasted coffees with a superb travel mug cafetière, making them ideal for people who like to drink delicious coffee in the office or away from home (but, obviously they are not suitable for brewing a cold press!). One customer review mentioned someone who loves her mug so much that she's going to put a Good to Go Kit in her husband's Christmas socking - what a great idea!

The idea that some couples or families might want more than one cup prompted us to launch our Good to Share Kits. We love it when our customers drive our creativity! These new kits include 2 superb insulated travel mugs, plus your choice of Get in the Mood coffee.

Whether you're buying a little something to say “well done” or “good luck” or a big gift for Christmas or a birthday, we hope we've given you some inspiration for personalised coffee presents without waste.

BR Good To Go Gift Set 4 3
Good to Go Coffee Kit with Brilliant Raccoon

All our coffees and gifts can be delivered throughout the United Kingdom and we have a number of shipping options. Last year, our Christmas deliveries were hit by Covid which caused some headaches. We really hope that won't happen again but it's definitely worth thinking about purchasing early to be on the safe side.

One final thing... Not only are the branded insulated coffee mugs exceptionally robust and leakproof, our travel cup partner plants a tree for every one of the reusable travel coffee cups we sell. Also, our coffee bags are recyclable and we ship everything in cardboard boxes which you can reuse or recycle.