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If you share our taste for drinking excellent coffee, you've probably sampled as many gourmet coffee beans as we have over the years! Before we set up Get in the Mood Coffee, we tasted numerous distinctive coffee beans, exploring their unique flavours and learning more about the art and science of farming coffee. If your friends know you drink gourmet coffee and they like to buy you gifts, do you share our delight when a delivery of coffee products arrives for your birthday? You might even have been lucky enough to receive coffee experience tickets for tastings and tours. You can't beat a great degustation to discover how different beans and roasts bring out fruity flavour notes, or encourage a hint of chocolate to shine through.

From our initial explorations, our noses for great coffee soon took us to the roasters and we thoroughly enjoyed visiting different roasters as we travelled around the UK and Europe. These coffee aficionados shared their knowledge and we gained deeper insights into the coffee market, from horticulture to cup. Wherever we went and whatever coffees we drank - from Espresso to V dripper with a dash of milk - the consistent feature was that the best coffee taste comes from skilled roasting and first-class, gourmet coffee beans. You really can't make good coffee without them!

From gourmet coffee beans to gourmet coffee company!

What took us from a passion for coffee to running a coffee company? Lots of us enjoy eating or drinking things without rushing out to set up farms or importing someone else's harvest! Part of the reason was that, as well as enjoying watching baristas whip up a Cortado (or whatever your coffee preference might be when you visit a coffeehouse), we choose to drink gourmet coffee at home. You might have noticed that the team has a pretty impressive selection of coffee making equipment, from Syphon machines to Moka pots, which gets featured in our coffee brewing tips blogs on a regular basis! Whether you make yourself a Caffe Macchiato, a Latte or a French press, or can't leave home without your Aeropress, you still need good beans and we discovered that we couldn't always get hold of blends that matched our preferences for specific styles or to suit moods. Over the years we've tried coffee subscriptions with a regular delivery or bought different single origin beans and blends from roasters, supermarkets and farm shops but nothing ticked all the boxes.

Our voyage of discovery took us deeper into the origins of coffee and, if you're as much of a quality coffee geek as Ian, you'll already know that coffee is thought to come originally from Ethiopia. Today coffee is grown around the world, with places like Costa Rica, Colombia and Indonesia producing substantial coffee crops each year. The type of production varies from family owned estates to industrial farms and growers using different techniques to nurture their plants (such as shade-growing in the Amazon) and ripen the berries depending on the region. Today 60% of coffee is made from Arabica bean varieties but this does not mean that it tastes the same. The taste is affected by the soil and environmental conditions, as well as the timing of the harvest. After grading, the berries will be sold and the crops that fetch the highest price are typically the ones which promise to deliver smooth tasting coffee with a delicious aroma. You might already know that Arabica is a superior coffee bean, favoured by most and this is why you will find it in all of our unique blends! These pure Arabica gourmet coffee blends are Partied out Panda, Hectic Hamster, Brilliant Raccoon, Intrepid baboon and Fancy Cat and you'll discover that each one has a different taste profile so you can pick the one that suits what you're in the mood for - whether that's something bright, citrusy and fresh to get you going or something smooth, chocolatey and mellow when you want chill. So by selecting our Arabica beans and adding the magic of our skilled roaster, Rubin, we can offer you different coffees to match whatever you fancy throughout the day. These coffees are wonderful but Ian in particular is a keen drinker of Espresso and we fancied a little more "bite" for this blend so it has a little Robusta too. Just like Arabica, every crop of Robusta coffee is unique, depending the estate where it's farmed. Again, we sampled a number of Robusta coffee beans and carefully selected a Robusta variety that compliments the Arabica beans we use in our Intrepid Baboon Espresso coffee. Customers have left us rave reviews for this gourmet Espresso blend and many of them tell us they enjoy brewing and drinking this coffee throughout the day.

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Regional coffee beans

Obviously, the exact origin of the beans we use in our gourmet coffee blends are secret ('cos we worked very hard to come up with them) but we can tell you that we always source the best quality beans we can. Our blends use beans from around the World. The reason for this, apart from providing the taste qualities we are after, is it helps us respond to changes created by fluctuations in the environment and horticulture. These natural variations affect the quantity and quality the harvest and can create challenges for everyone involved. Using coffee blends offers us some flexibility in our supply chain so you can rely on us to deliver superb gourmet coffee for you. When you choose Get in the Mood, you are choosing coffee from growers in Africa, Central and South American and Asia. It's incredible how much the climate affects the flavours of a bean and that's why it's crucial to us to monitor closely the quality of beans - which is where our boutique coffee roaster comes in...

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Finding a coffee roaster

High quality beans are just part of what you need for gourmet coffee. The other part is an expert roaster who really knows his or her coffee beans. When we were starting Get in the Mood coffee, we realised that we needed a coffee aficionado to help us select the best quality beans at market and then roast them in small batches. We met some interesting characters on this journey and then we met Rubin and found the perfect fit! Rubin selects our beans from the wholesalers and then roasts our coffee beans and his team handles our packing and delivery logistics too. Thanks to him, you can rely on our premium coffee to offer freshness and quality, carefully packaged in a vibrant, recyclable bag.

Gourmet Coffee with a Dash of Fun

This brings us to the characters you find on every bag of Get in the Mood coffee. You know that there are lots of things in life that are dull - but your coffee doesn't have to be thanks to the Coffee Buddies! These crazy creatures cropped up almost by accident during the process of finding our coffees. Somehow, we slipped into talking about the way they matched different moods and different moments in the day and how each coffee seemed to have a unique personality. Then Paula had one of her fabulous flashes of inspiration and grabbed her sketch pad... and the Coffee Buddies were born. It's been an adventure that has led us from a passion for gourmet coffee, to searching for our perfect coffee delivery and ending up with a new coffee business featuring the Coffee Buddies. They're the faces that we put to each of our delicious, freshly roasted coffees and they're about putting a smile on your face when you start to brew. They represent the sense of fun and adventure in the team and in the world of coffee!Now you know why we say our business offers you gourmet coffee with a dash of fun.

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Whether you discovered our coffee when you received a gift or you were searching for a new coffee subscription to buy and drink at home, we would love to hear your view on our range of gourmet coffees.

We promise you that everything we do is driven by a desire to bring you superb coffee in the most sustainable way we can - with a cheeky dose of entertainment along the way.

Updated: December 2021