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Get in the Mood is the gourmet coffee company that takes delicious 100% natural blended coffee extremely seriously. But being serious shouldn’t stop you having a bit of fun. So if a cup of Partied out Panda coffee doesn’t suit your mood today, you could always try a Fancy Cat, Hectic Hamster, Brilliant Raccoon or Intrepid Baboon.

They’re your Coffee Buddies and they’re all very different, to suit a particular mood or activity. Each of Get in the Mood’s top quality blends has been painstakingly crafted from the finest Arabica beans to deliver a very distinct personality. The packaging is recyclable and re-sealable.

Long-time coffee-lovers Paula and Ian Lain were inspired to create Get in the Mood after 24 years running their own marketing consultancy. ‘We’d enjoyed working on other people’s brands,’ explains Paula, ‘and wanted to apply our skills to a brand of our own. Ian and I are passionate about our coffee, so setting up a gourmet coffee company was a natural fit.’

For Paula and Ian top-notch coffee isn’t merely a product, it’s a passion and a pleasure. ‘Because we’re animal lovers too,’ continues Paula, ‘we thought we’d harness the personalities of some characters from the animal kingdom to make Get in the Mood coffees more playful than anything else on the market: hence our Coffee Buddies.’

‘Getting our five blends exactly the way we wanted them was a complex process,’ adds Ian. ‘It involved sourcing the right beans, combining them in the right ratios, altering their roasting times to release just the right flavours. And, of course, each blend requires its own distinct personality to reflect your different moods.’


As an active couple – Paula is a qualified Animal Flow instructor, Ian has been a personal trainer for the past 25 years – the Lains are strong advocates for coffee contributing to your general wellness. ‘Coffee is a mood-enhancer and a stimulant,’ says Paula. ‘So whether you’re about to go for a run or flex your creativity for an interest or hobby, a decent cup of coffee can be the boost you need to get going. And that positively impacts your mental health.

‘Our Coffee Buddies are catalysts for helping our drinkers enjoy all aspects of life, work and play, and aim to put them in exactly the right mood for what they want to be doing,’ continues Paula, ‘a mood which hopefully, makes them feel great!’

Adds Ian: ‘We’d really like to grow a community of like-minded souls who really enjoy a quality cup of gourmet coffee and are passionate about simple things that bring pleasure to their lives. We’re developing this notion of getting people together to share their creativity and inspirations through our website.’

‘Coffee has always been a great excuse for bringing people together,’ concludes Paula. ‘For thousands of years in societies around the world, coffee has been a way of life, a bond in our private and professional lives – can you imagine what lockdown would have been like, or Zoom meetings without a decent cup of coffee in your hand?

‘Coffee is digital-savvy – remember internet cafés? And in these strange times we’ve enjoyed being part of the new digital-coffee community where distance is no longer a barrier to friendship, partnerships, projects, get-togethers.

‘But we can’t wait for when we can bring people back together physically indoors as well as out – friends nattering in the kitchen, coffee mornings in cafés for sharing gossip and intrigue. The simple joy of people connecting, bonding, communicating – forging alliances and laying plans great and small. Yes, that’s what we’re really in the mood for!’

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