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Inspired by our passion for drinking excellent coffee, we sampled many distinctive coffee beans and met many roasters. We had lots of fun and we tasted widely on our journey of exploration. It didn’t take us long to realise that our coffee tastes changed depending on the time of day or the mood we were in. The thing that didn’t change was our preference for first-class coffee beans.

So what’s in a bean?

If you’re as much of a coffee geek as Ian, you’ll already know that coffee is thought to come originally from Ethiopia and that 60% of coffee is made from Arabica beans. This superior coffee bean is favoured by connoisseurs and we agree with their judgement! Partied out Panda, Hectic Hamster, Brilliant Raccoon and Fancy Cat are carefully selected blends of Arabica. As the flavour notes and qualities of Arabica vary, depending on where it is grown, this same bean creates the unique qualities of each of our Arabica coffees. For our espresso coffee, we fancied a little more “bite” which we achieved by including a carefully selected Robusta bean in Intrepid Baboon.

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Regional coffee beans

Obviously, our coffee blends are secret but we can tell you that we source the best quality beans we can from around the World. Our coffee growers are found in Africa, Central and South American and Asia. It’s incredible how much the climate affects the flavours of a bean and that’s why it’s crucial to us to monitor closely the quality of beans – which is where our boutique coffee roaster comes in...

Gitm us brewing v dripper rubin wide

Finding a coffee roaster

Beans are just part of what’s needed for gourmet coffee. The other part is an expert roaster who really knows his or her coffee beans. We needed a coffee aficionado to roast small batches and focus on freshness and quality. We met some interesting characters on this journey and eventually found the perfect fit!

Why Coffee Buddies?

There are lots of things in life that are dull – but your coffee doesn’t have to be! During the process of finding our coffees, we slipped into talking about the way they matched different moods and different moments in the day. Then Paula had one of her fabulous but crazy ideas and grabbed her sketch pad… and the Coffee Buddies were born.

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So, we started with a passion for gourmet coffee and ended up with Coffee Buddies. They’re the faces that we put to each of our delicious, freshly roasted coffees and they’re about putting a smile on your face when you start to brew. They represent the sense of fun and adventure in the team and in the world of coffee!

We promise you that everything we do is driven by a desire to bring you superb coffee in the most sustainable way we can – with a cheeky dose of entertainment along the way.