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Beach coffee

'Let's make a hot drink to keep cool!' ... We’ve all heard it, but is it just a conspiracy to make sure you keep buying and consuming our (and other companies’) products now that Summer is here? You decide...

It goes something like; a hot drink (and some say spicy foods) will actually lower your body temperature. Are we all in cahoots with our local Curry House or is there science?

Paula beach coffee
Paula drinking Fancy Cat!

Well if there wasn’t any truth to it, we probably wouldn’t be putting a blog about it on our website. To paraphrase the facts:

Your body wants to maintain its normal temperature – around 37 ° C

If you drink a cold drink when you are hot, you may sweat more slowly than if you drink a hot drink. Due to receptors on the tongue and in the throat your body overreacts by making a lot more sweat (nice!) and this can bring your temperature down more quickly.

Basically your body should sort it out. That said there is probably no real reason to choose a hot drink over a cold one but importantly, if you fancy a coffee on a hot day – it's not a silly idea!

Whatever you choose – remember to stay hydrated and keep buying our coffee and why not find out how to make iced coffee with Claire? 😉

Ciao, Paula

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