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It’s no surprise that people are wondering how to make an Irish Coffee, with St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner! As we have a passion for delivering gourmet coffee with a dash of fun, an alcoholic, creamy coffee was definitely something we wanted to explore.

Is there a Perfect Irish Coffee Recipe?

Irish whiskey plus the right coffee is the key to a great St. Patrick’s Day treat but not all our Coffee Buddies are a good fit. How do we know? It was a tough job but sampling was the only way to find out!

We discovered that our Coffee Buddies play differently with Irish whiskey, which we found pretty interesting. Just remember that your daytime favourite Coffee Buddy might be different from the Buddy you take on an Irish coffee adventure. Like we always say, find out which coffee you are in the mood for!

(It goes without saying that Intrepid Baboon could never drink and fly and we took Hectic Hamster’s scooter keys before we let him join the fun!)

Our favourite combination for a St. Patrick’s Day theme always involved Partied out Panda coffee. Whether we made a smooth filter (or dripper) coffee or a French Press coffee for bolder flavours and greater viscosity, Partied out Panda was a hit with us all.

Now we’ve nailed the coffee (remember, whichever Coffee Buddy you choose, it’s got to be freshly brewed), the next bit is to pick your “Irish” and your cream. In our view, nothing beats a good Irish whiskey as we found the creamy liqueurs overpowered the coffee and made the final drink too sweet.

As for the cream, tradition suggests a double cream poured over the back of a spoon – no really, that’s what we found in a 30 year old copy of The Good Housekeeping Cookery Book – but that sounds rather mundane these days. A lovely swirl of whipped cream seems so much more fun! You might choose to tweak your cream with hint of Guinness, malt extract and vanilla (just as they do at the Vintage Cocktail Club in Dublin) but we found a good whipped cream worked a treat with Partied out Panda coffee.

Now we come to the crunch – how do you make an Irish coffee?

  1. 1 part Irish whiskey
  2. 5 ml (1 tsp) brown sugar
  3. 3-4 parts strong Partied out Panda coffee (French Press or filter)
  4. Gently whipped double or whipping cream

Pour the Irish whiskey into a gently warmed glass and stir in the sugar. Pour the coffee into the glass, to around 2.5 cm from the top. Stir to mix and completely dissolve the sugar then top with your whipped cream.

This makes a superb Irish coffee for one but it’s so good, you’ll probably want to make another to share with someone who’s in your lockdown bubble!

P.S. While we were researching this, we also discovered a delicious sounding recipe for homemade Irish Coffee Cup chocolates which is perfect for Intrepid Baboon finely ground espresso coffee. We’re off to try it out but we’ll share this recipe too if it meets the high standards set at Get in the Mood HQ!