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Gitm us brewing turkish ian


I like a shot of Brilliant Raccoon® before I train, and I like a shot when I wind down too. Yup! Basically I am a Big Brilliant Raccoon® fan!

So here’s my take on how to brew Turkish coffee. With, yup you've guessed it, Brilliant Raccoon!

If you’re not sure what Turkish coffee is, it’s a method of preparation that you'll find pretty much anywhere in the Middle East and Mediterranean countries like Greece and - you guessed it - Turkey. Basically, it's an unfiltered coffee that's brewed in a Turkish coffee pot or cezve. It's then served with the grounds in the cup.

The sort of taste you might enjoy is an intense, strong flavoured coffee that gets you ready for action. And, if you're in the mood for something different (see what I did there?), you can tweak it with spices like cardamon or cinnamon.

I like mine straight up, so gather together…

  • A cezve (that’s a long handled pot with a lip, often copper or brass, used for making Turkish coffee)
  • Coffee beans and grinder
  • A heat source (not a microwave though)

You’ll need to start with any of the Coffee Buddies as beans, as the grind is fine, finer than espresso even. Don't worry though. You don't need a special Turkish coffee grinder even though it's pretty much like a powder. Simply dial the finest setting on your grinder.

Measure out 1 - 2 teaspoons of ground coffee per cup.

For my Turkish, I put 85ml of cold water per cup in the cezve and put it on a high heat. As soon as it begins to boil, I add the ground coffee but I don’t stir. Instead I let the roll of the water mix the coffee. Add sugar to taste and again don’t stir (I make mine without sugar but you might like it sweeter).

As the coffee begins to sink to the bottom, I stir it and turn down the heat – this is when the foaming process is beginning. Keep turning down the heat and stirring as bubbles begin to form on the surface – if they are too big, I turn down the heat even more. I play with the heat to ensure the coffee is always bubbling and frothing but never quite boiling. It's definitely a coffee that needs your attention so no getting distracted now!

Some people recommend that you spoon the foam into the cups before the coffee boils and before you stir it. Like all our coffees, so much comes down to the way you like to make it and how you like to drink it.

Whatever your preference, when you serve the coffee, you need to make sure there are equal amounts of foam in each cup. The foam is important – it’s like the crema on an espresso.

Wait a while before you drink to ensure the grinds have settled. DON’T drink to the bottom of a Turkish coffee cup! If you do, it will feel like eating a sandwich on the beach. Also have some water before to cleanse the palate.

You can repeat the foaming process 2 or 3 more times to make more foam but I find this will usually also cause more bitterness due to over extraction.

Brilliant Raccoon and Turkish

If you want to know all about the history behind making a Turkish Coffee, check out TastePak who offer a fantastic collection of recipes and information about the Turkish and South Asian food cultures.

Peace out, Ian

Updated from an original post in July 2020

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