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Anyone who knows me, knows just how much I LOVE Espresso. If you're not quite sure what one is, let me fill you in. An Espresso is a wonderfully intense, rich coffee with a crema or foam on top. It comes originally from Italy but it's loved throughout the world.

When I choose an Espresso, it's because I'm seeking a concentrated coffee with a thicker texture that comes from forcing pressurised near-boiling water through finely ground coffee. With the crema (formed from air bubbles combined with the natural oils in the coffee beans), I get a delicious coffee boost to set me up for whatever I'm doing next.

Anyway, onto the good bit - this is my take on how to get a great tasting, traditional style espresso withIntrepid Baboon®

To start your mini adventure, you will need:

  • Your espresso machine (mine is a Gaggia Classic)
  • A grinder and beans, or ground coffee – Intrepid Baboon® of course!
  • Scales
  • Coffee spoon and tamper
  • A cup! Either one of those cute little Italian espresso ones, or something a bit bigger so you can drink a long black/Americano (Insidently, ‘Long black’ is what Aussies and Kiwis call it, everyone else says ‘Americano’!)
  • The timer app on your phone (we’re getting serious here!)
Intrepid Baboon and espresso

Ok, let’s go…

Switch on your machine and allow pressure/heat to build. Put the portafilter into place to warm it up.

Weigh out 14-24g (according to your taste preference) of coffee – beans or ground – for a double shot Espresso. I like it quite strong!

Put your coffee into the portafilter and tamp it (keep it level!). I don’t put the portafilter into place until you are ready to brew – I reckon it kills the crema if you leave it in place for too long!

Begin your extraction. You are aiming for 20-30 seconds (use the timer!) for a double shot or longer for you long black. (i.e. I make a long black by running the water through the machine rather than making a double espresso and adding hot water. It tastes better!)


If your Espresso brews too slowly or tastes burnt, reduce the amount of coffee or make the grind coarser to allow more water to flow through.

If it brews too quickly, tastes “thin” and doesn’t have much of a crema, you can increase the amount of coffee or make the grind finer to reduce the flow of water.

After each cup, I run a bit of hot water into the drip tray to help keep my machine clean – I reckon it helps avoid giving your coffee a bitter taste.

Hope you enjoy it!

Cheers, Jamie

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