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Fancy Cat Coffee isn't just for indulging...

Like Coffee, Olympics & Piglets? Japan is the place to be right now!

The Olympics are well under way and considering the impact of the pandemic on the organisation and the competitors, everyone's doing great.

It can be contentious when new events are added and many of us raise an eyebrow at some of the choices. I like skateboarding so I am biased on this one but it is ironic that street skateboarding is a new event at these games and for the most part, illegal in Japan! Surfing was amazing to watch too and anything that gives Team GB another medal opportunity is definitely OK.

Not much mention of PED's (performance enhancing drugs) at these games which is great too. We always listen with interest, obviously, when any athlete mentions coffee because of its confused history with the Games. Caffeine has proven benefits for strength and performance athletes as we have posted in a blog on caffeine and sports but it was banned at the Olympics in 1984 but the limit imposed would still allow most athletes a couple of cups a day.

The ban was lifted in 2004 but affects are still being monitored (Check out this blog the caffeine limit Olympics rules permit). For those of us watching from our sofas, there are no such worries, and a cup here and there helps me catch my chosen events of the day 'Live' from the other side of the planet.

Who else is inspired?

An even more positive outcome is the uptake in grassroots level sport it went up by 750,000 after London 2012 so let's see what happens to the sales of Skateboard and Dressage Ponies in the next few weeks.

Olympic Panda News
Paula dug out her 2012 T shirt and got all sweaty at her XFit Box...

What are the Japanese enjoying coffee wise?

Japanese coffee culture has only developed in the last few decades due to a ban after World War 2 which was only lifted in the 60's. It is now growing and vibrant with its own innovations and idiosyncrasies as you might expect.

You can visit Coffee Houses that will conjure up a cup of of coffee in the mesmeric and beautiful way a traditional Tea House might but with fresh roasted coffee beans. Of course there are amazing machines, but Pour Over (V Dripper) style coffee is very popular in Japan as it is in the UK. I think it's because if you have a creative leaning, it is 'artful' in the making and you can enjoy keeping it as simple or as technical as you like. And it tastes great of course!

Dripping hot V-Dripper Coffee from Get in the Mood Coffee on Vimeo.

And to finish with the Piglets...

Just in case you're interested, 3 or 4 Piglet Cafés have opened in Japan called Mipig - think Cat Café but with pot belly piglets. They raise awareness of pigs as pets and they get socialised at the same time.

Random thought as a closer, not sure what a pig's Olympic Event would be ...except maybe Peppa Pig - apparently she's 7'2", so my money would be on High Jump. Thoughts anyone??!!



Pigs are the new Cats...