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Gitm brewing kate mocha


So what is a Moka coffee you ask? A Moka coffee is a simplified alternative to an Espresso machine which makes a rich, full-flavoured coffee. There's a reason why you'll find a Moka in many Italian kitchens! It's a lower pressure method of making coffee so you won't get the same crema but you'll still get a good result that's great black or (a firm favourite in my house) with hot milk.

To make one you need either a stove-top pot or electric coffee maker (a Percolator) that brews the coffee by passing boiling water pressurised by steam through grounds.

As we have an AGA, I tend to use this for making a stove top Moka. Some people recommend a gas ring but we don't have gas and the AGA works just fine for me. Today I'm making my Moka with Fancy Cat as she's so smooth with a hint of chocolate.. mmm mmm.

Fancy Cat Moka

So to start, remember our old friend, the Golden Ratio – 1:15 coffee to water. Weigh out 60g of ground coffee (either pre-ground or from your grinder) and 900g of water (depending on how big your pot is!).

Now, if you are grinding your own beans make sure it's fine. If you don't have a grinder, you could buy Intrepid Baboon as he's ready ground fine and would work here!

Assemble your Moka, put your coffee into the basket, put the Moka on the heat and aim to heat the water slowly. Let the Moka run for 5-10 minutes, depending on your taste, then take it off the heat and pour!

Your coffee might taste burnt if you brew for too long or heat the water too quickly, and it will taste weak if you don’t brew long enough or the grounds are too coarse.

Play with the coffee ratio and brew times to get your perfect result. And here’s the clever bit – you know you have your heat at the right level if you hear a second or so delay between bubbles. If you hear a constant stream of bubbles, reduce the heat!

Now... where did I put those homemade brownies?...

See you later, Kate x

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