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Gitm ambassadors mitch and BR

We are thrilled that Mitch is on of our Coffee Ambassadors - do check out his page & pics

We managed to pin him down for 5 minutes to talk to us - he's a fast one to catch!

How long have you been a chef?

Professionally since 2015 but I have been passionate about cooking and experimenting in the kitchen since age 15.

What has been your greatest achievement in that field to date?

Our Spanish Tapas Meal was ‘highly commended’ by Vegan Food & Living Magazine, coming in 2nd after M&S’s Plant Kitchen Thai Curry and beating Tesco’s Wicked Kitchen Naked Burrito.

What have you achieved that you were not expecting?

Thanks to Work For Good, we were able to partner with the charity Mary’s Meals and so for every meal we sell, we donate a meal. Because of our customers buying our products, we have in turn managed to feed thousands of children across 19 countries in their schools and this number is only going to grow!

What are your goals?

At minimum, we would like to feed 1 Million children, and in the process become the UK’s most loved plant based food brand representing delicious, high quality, convenient food!

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How much time do you dedicate to your food versus exercise?

Lockdown answer: During lockdown I have been working so much as our sales have increased so 14-16 hour days in the kitchen is my workout. During this time I don’t eat as much as I should but when I come home I love to have a massive dinner (usually consisting of what I made that day!).

Post-lockdown answer: Me and my wife like to gym 4 or 5 times a week but my work being so demanding (usually at least 10 hours rushing around on my feet) I get a good workout there too! I do however love bouldering / indoor rock climbing and make sure I go 2-3 evenings a week as it’s one of the most fun forms of exercise – much like when I used to do freerunning!

Diet / Food wise I am very in tune with my body and try to have a balanced view around foods – not labelling clean or unclean (like I used to). Now I eat a wholefood plant based diet, with the odd meat free alternative burger or sausage thrown in for good measure, but I don’t feel guilty if I want some chips, a cookie or some chocolate! It’s all about balance.

What does it give you?

When you eat right and exercise right, you feel amazing. Everyone is different and it’s about understanding what that means for you. The beauty of plant based food is that by nature it is often high volume and lower calorie meaning you can eat more of it!

What is the hardest thing about it?

Getting enough sleep when working lots and enjoying exercising too can often lead to burnout so it’s getting the balance right on your exercise and eating too!

What are you most proud of?

I’m proud of taking the leap and building Mitch’s Kitchen to become what it is today. I have been appointed as a vegan chef at the prestigious Seasons Cookery School (which is part of the Exclusive Hotel Group) amongst British Bake Off finalists and Michelin Star chef’s so I am truly honoured to be among such a fantastic line up.

Do many of your friends cook too?

Over the years we have made many friends with small businesses in the food industry and we have created a fantastic support network for one another. Restaurant owners, food and drinks brands, all sorts – It’s such a positive uplifting community and through it we have gained some incredible opportunities like trading at Borough Market.

Top tips for anyone wanting to get a healthy lifestyle?

Focus on Progress, not Perfection. Don’t label foods good and bad, healthy or unhealthy, just use common sense and where possible eat as many natural whole foods as possible (fruits, vegetables, grains, pulses, beans etc). An easy tip is drink more water! Aim for at least 3-4L a day and see how much better you will feel quickly!

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What else do you enjoy?

We love films and unwinding after a long week to watch something on a streaming service. When the weather is good we also love to get out for long walks, or visit new cities and have a day of eating and drinking as much as possible. Being foodies I am always on the look out for new inspiration – and of course finding good coffee stops!

Greatest vice?

Sweet stuff! Chocolate, cookies, or the edges of the double chocolate brownies I make at work. I can easily eat my bodyweight in those haha!

Who inspires you - Professionally and personally?

There are so many people I take inspiration from! Talking industry specific people like Julian Hearn (founder of HUEL) and James Watt (of BrewDog) are fantastic role models who have fantastic brand, ethos and visions for the future. I also love the entrepreneurial and motivational speakers like Tom Bilyue, Lewis Howes, Tim Ferris and Gary Vee – I can listen to these guys talk for hours!

What makes you laugh?

Lots of things! I love laughing. A good meme (especially animal related ones) always gets me going, and generally just being silly with our friends or my wife.

What is the most annoying thing about people?

Ignorance or being unwilling of change is something I can’t stand, that and negativity.

What would make you talk to someone at a party?

I’ll happily talk to anyone at a party if we catch eyes and they smile! I can pick up on happy people and good energy so I seem to be drawn towards those sort of people! That or a snazzy outfit, a fantastic hat or generally the entertainers.

Do you have pets?

We have two rescue cats, Miso – a gorgeous, sassy tabby who is definitely a daddy’s girl and very stubborn and our latest addition Mochi who was a street cat and most likely the runt of the litter! He’s a Burmese and super cute, but he lives like a gremlin, living under our bed in the day and only coming out at night. We did have a black cat called Maki but he wandered out one day and never came home sadly. We’re holding out hope he’s still out there somewhere.

What is your mood generally?

Upbeat and positive! I always like to see the good in the world and I love what I do for work so I wake up happy and with a coffee in me I’m buzzing to get on with the day!

What do you listen to when cooking/ training?

I HAVE to cook to music. I can’t do it without it. My cooking is good mood food and by playing good energy music, I swear that gets into the food! Some days I listen to talks or podcasts but dance music will always be my go-to, especially live drum and bass or house mixes which have been fantastic during lockdown in particular. I also love a good bit of disco or funk too, Purple Disco Machine is bringing back that vibe wonderfully!

What do you read/watch?

I like entrepreneurial books, Tim Ferris’ range of publications are all-fantastic. I’m currently spending downtime trying to learn French just for something to do! TV wise we love series on Netflix or Amazon like Narcos, Hollywood, Peaky Blinders, The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel and a good bit of The Crown or Victoria.

For more insights please pop across to Mitch's Ambassador Page :)

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