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Guardian newspaper GITM thumb

We are basking in our new found fame after appearing in the Guardian and The Sunday Times! Two national newspapers in as many weeks is the stuff of dreams for a small business so we would like - as they say at the Oscars - to say thanks to everyone who made it possible.

Watching our business grow is exciting both from the point of view of seeing new customers finding our five blends and noting those of you who have become loyal advocates, some right from the start.

Times newspaper GITM 2
The Times
Guardian newspaper GITM 2
The Guardian

Fame hasn't gone to our heads, we are still focussed on selling a product we believe in and providing the best service we possibly can... and aftercare, we love getting questions about the specifics of how best to enjoy our coffee (or coffee in general) and tips for brewing coffee or experimenting with ways to fine tune a favourite brew.

Annalisa Moka Brilliant Raccoon coffee
Did you see Annalisa making a moka with her Bialetti?

So I was wandering off topic there. Behind the scenes, after our team have produced and packaged the product, the other side (of any business) is the marketing and advertising. There are large global coffee brands who will pay someone lots of money to someone famous to drink their coffee - our equivalent is our Ambassadors. You can check them out to discover how each of them is outstanding in their field or dedication to their cause, with the minor differences being that their passion for coffee comes first and we don't pay them anything (other than provide some coffee now and again)! That said, if Scarlett Johansson wants to be an ambassador, she is welcome too!

Then there's the core team (meet the team here). We all wear more than one hat and we all keep watch on Social Media, constantly finding or producing relevant (& sometimes irrelevant) content. The battle we face is to be seen in a very competitive market when you are not a 'big' player. Still we work our resources hard and the efforts pay off when we get approached by the press!

After that, we rely on the Coffee Buddies to speak for themselves and you, our discerning audience of Coffee Lovers. We know that you share our brand by giving coffee gifts, forwarding emails and engaging with us on social media. I reckon it's because you are incredibly discerning so you recognise talent when you see it ;) - but perhaps that's just me!

Thanks everyone for joining us on our quest to make gourmet coffee fun!