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Gitm paula siphon


Hiya, this certainly isn't for anyone in a rush, and considering this used be one of the go-to dinner party makers in the '70s, it takes a little bit of a gentle touch when brewing and some care with the open flame (of course no one would have been drinking, right?!)

I opted to make my Siphon in the afternoon just so you know. A Siphon or Vacuum coffee is often described as delicate or tea-like. It's certainly an art form and is a very cool way to make coffee (I mean trendy, not cold, obviously!)

I used my mum's original 1973 CONA - there are some great modern updates on the market, so do Google!

Anyway, here’s the Golden Ratio: You are aiming for a coffee/water ratio of 1:15 – as a starting point (you then vary it to suit your taste).

If you are going really old school, take out your trusty Siphon brewer, coffee, filter, kettle, thermometer, stirrer, scales and a timer.

I confess, I skipped the scales and thermometer part for my version...

Cona press Po P

Measure and boil the water, and also measure out some medium-ground some coffee. All the Coffee Buddies except for Intrepid Baboon® who's fine-ground, come medium-ground as standard, so you can just grab one of them to try. Today I chose to buddy up with Partied out Panda®.

Soak the filter in warm water and insert into the bottom of the Siphon’s hopper and hook that to the bottom of the glass tube. Fill the Siphon’s bulb with hot water, insert the Siphon’s hopper into the bottom bulb and place the Siphon onto the heat.

Once your water is boiling, turn off the heat and wait for it to drop a little. If you like the science, (and have a thermometer!) then the temperature needs to reach 85-90 degrees Celsius.

Drop your coffee grounds into the Siphon and stir. Let the coffee brew for a minute or more and stir again. Wait another minute or so with the Siphon off the heat and the liquid will return into the bulb. This is the trickiest bit as when the pressure drops in the bulb as it cools, the water from the hopper (top) is sucked back through and you want to make sure the coffee has had enough time to brew.

Remove the hopper and pour your coffee from the bulb, and luxuriate retro style!

Piece of cake!!! ...

No I mean I want a piece of cake ha ha!

Paula-Panda x

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