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Pumpkin latte cake recipe 1

Are you a pumpkin latte drinker? Coffee shops seem to be full of special Autumn drinks and cakes, including pumpkin lattes. I'll admit it - I have never tried a pumpkin latte and I don't want to but this recipe for pumpkin latte cake did tempt me to get baking. Provided you avoid the overblown gigantic pumpkins grown for Halloween, you can make some pretty tasty things with pumpkins and I reckoned this recipe might be a hit with my family. It was described as moist and crumbly with a crunchy topping and this was exactly how the cake turned out. I wouldn't serve it at an elegant event but if you want a delicious morning coffee cake to share with friends and family then you should definitely try this.

Cooking with coffee 1

I made a few changes to the recipe and you might have to, if like me, you are baking without a special shopping trip. The recipe was pretty forgiving so it didn't seem to matter. I used a mixture of wholemeal and white flour instead of white wholewheat flour (to be honest, I'd never even heard of it before and I'm pretty enthusiastic about baking). I also didn't have any pumpkin spice so I swapped it for ground mixed spice which seemed to contain almost the same ingredients. Canola oil became vegetable oil and tinned pumpkin puree was replaced with fresh pumpkin puree. Ian says I basically just changed the entire recipe but obviously that's not true!

For recipes that use coffee, I often pick Intrepid Baboon so I get the espresso bite. You could probably use any of the Coffee Buddies but I fancied something a bit more indulgent from my pumpkin cake. I chose Fancy Cat coffee, thinking it would give a rich, chocolatey hint to go well with the pumpkin.

Make a pumpkin latte cake with coffee 1

You can follow the link to find the Easy Spiced Pumpkin Latte Cake recipe I used. Making my own pumpkin puree was a bit of a faff but it wasn't complicated. I just steamed it over boiling water and then blended it. The good news is that I made enough pumpkin puree to bake another cake, or possibly even pumpkin bread, another day. It seemed a bit odd to add the oil to the mixture of sugar (brown sugar and white sugar) plus the mixed spice and the flour before taking some out to put in a separate bowl but it worked surprisingly well. The recipe describes is on a site called Joyful Healthy Eats so I was surprised to use extra salt but the recipe doesn't use butter so this was the only salt in the cake. It definitely brought out the flavours in the topping (think salted caramel) but you could try using a little less if you want to make your cake a bit healthier. In the red bowl, you can see the topping mixture which also included roughly chopped pecans and cinnamon. You could maybe try reducing the sugar if you bake this yourself - I usually try a recipe once and then cut down on sugar once I know how it tastes. This wasn't excessively sweet but I'll use a little less white sugar next time I make it.

Coffee cake topping 1 1

By the time I'd added egg, milk, pumpkin puree and coffee to the mixing bowl and given the mixture a whisk, the batter was extremely wet. I was concerned that it smelled slightly of bicarbonate of soda and I triple checked the recipe when I saw that it used baking powder and bicarb. You don't need to worry if you can smell it. Once the cake comes out of the oven, you won't taste the raising agents.

I poured the cake batter (yes, it really is that wet) into a prepared cake tin (I used butter to grease it and then base-lined it) and then sprinkled the topping over the surface. I expected to watch it sink but I guess the pumpkin makes the mixture thick enough support the topping. I popped the cake into a preheated oven and then enjoyed the delicious smells of coffee and spice that wafted through to my office.

Pumpkin latte cake recipe 1

Depending on your oven, you'll find the cake takes about an hour to bake. When I first opened the oven after about 50 minutes cooking time, the batter was still slightly wobbly so I didn't even bother with a skewer. Just after an hour though, the skewer came out clean so I took it out of the oven and placed the cake tin on a cooling rack. I left the cake in the tin to cool before I released the springform. It came away from the sides easily enough but I was glad I'd lined the base of the tin with a reusable silicone sheet. Once the cake was cool enough, I could slide it off the lining sheet without damaging the crunchy top. If you prefer cakes without icing but you feel like the recipe needs a little something to make it complete, you will find this spicy, crunchy mixture of pecans, flour and sugar is something close to perfection!

If you are anything like me, the test of any cake is in the eating. I began slicing it while it was slightly warm and it was extremely crumbly but wonderfully moist. The flavours of pumpkin, coffee and spice melded into one and nothing fought its way to front so you could definitely serve this to someone who is ambivalent about pumpkin. The best bit of all was that I was able to enjoy a scrumptious slice of pumpkin latte cake with a mug of Fancy Cat coffee this morning - all in the interests of work, of course!

Kate x