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Gitm ambassador sarah kingdom HH wetsuit

Sarah Kingdom is one of our fantastic Coffee Ambassadors - do check her out!

We caught up with her to find out more...

How long have you been doing your sport?

Since 2005 (properly)

What has been your greatest achievement in that field to date?

Numerous National titles, but the first female to be recognised in the Ladies Masters category as Champion, and more recently, as I’ve been wakeboarding since the dawn of time, one of the first females to compete at European level in Ladies Veterans.

What have you achieved that you were not expecting?

I did gymnastics as a child, and I never believed that over 15 years later, I’d be doing much the same but on water.

What are your goals?

I hope to encourage more women to abandon the notion that they’re ‘too old’ to get back into sports or that their days of trying something new are behind them. Every day that we can test ourselves and our sense of wonder and adventure, is another day that we grow. Why wouldn’t you want to always be curious?

How much time do you dedicate to your sport?

Alas ‘adulting’ means that a balance of work and training has to have physical recovery as priority. I have a physically demanding job, so I don’t get to train as much as I’d like, because accidents happen when you’re over-tired. Don’t ask me how I know this. Needless to say I’m familiar with post-operative rehab. Let’s leave it there…

What does it give you?

When the water is flat and it’s just you out on the water, everything just melts away. It’s a bit of a paradox that something so physically exhilarating can be such a meditation, but I suppose that’s because on the water, is my happy place

What is the hardest thing about it?

In the UK, it’s very seasonal, so when the light fades and the water gets cold, those that can’t travel to far off lands, have to hibernate and just stay fit ready for next season.

What are you most proud of?

My Team GB outfit. It’s incredible to wear that, and even after my first year in Team GB in 2007, it doesn’t lose its effect.

Do many of your friends do this too?

Most of my social circle is made up of wakeboarders!

Top tips for anyone wanting to get involved or already involved?

It’s physically demanding, so if you’re really serious about progressing, get on a trampoline, practice your aerial awareness and get fit! You'll spare yourself a lot of injuries and frustrating progression plateaus.

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Nut Nut doing what she does best!

What else do you enjoy?

I’ve just spent the last few years renovating my house, so I'm an avid DIYer, restorer, up-cycler and gardener. Time on my bike is great too.

Greatest vice?

Chocolate, obvs.

Who inspires you - Professionally and personally?

My Dad - he could find humour in almost every single situation. A real talent to diffuse a sombre mood and get smiles spreading.

What makes you laugh?

Anything inappropriate, a good old euphemism, a spoonerism, and babies laughing.

What is the most annoying thing about people?

Lack of consideration for others, zero spacial awareness, people who can’t reverse park, people who don’t understand how a round-a-bout works... bit road-rage heavy eh?

What would make you talk to someone at a party?

If someone is in fancy dress, I’d be right over. I’m a little bit obsessed with fancy dress; my Rambo and Dinner Lady are nothing short of sensational!

Do you have pets?

I’m owned by a cat called Marlowe. I’m a dog person. We have a love/hate relationship.

What is your mood generally?

Pre-coffee, don’t even bother talking to me, post-coffee, everyone’s best mate.

What do you listen to when training?

If I'm running or at the gym, something with a bit of grunt to keep the pace up, Pendulum, Nothing But Thieves, Vukovi

What do you read/watch?

Love stand up comedy, but also a good drama, the grittier the better.

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