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We love celebrating small independent businesses and the vital role they play in our communities, our economy and our daily lives. And when they embrace 2 of our favourite things - the Natural World and Coffee, then BOOM! we know we'll be friends for life! Meet Seed Craft - coffee loving, seed growing gurus!

Set up by husband and wife team consisting of Nick and Hayley, Seed Craft is a small 2 person business ensuring the highest quality seeds arrive in lovingly prepared boxes. Nick’s love of sustainable living was the brainchild behind the business, wanting to get more people growing a wider variety of food in their own gardens and/or allotments.

Nick tending to the growth

Seed Craft is a subscription box service aimed at everyone from experienced allotmenteers right through to novice growers. Each month you receive 4 packs of vegetable seeds through your door at the right time to sow. No guess work, no need to research what you can plant and when.

Each month you'll receive your box that will contain 4 packs of seeds which could be vegetable, salad or fruit seeds all specially selected to be sown in that month. The box also comes complete with individual grow guides for each type of seed to help get the best results.

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If you'd like to grow your green thumb and give Seed Craft a try, Nick has kindly created a discount code that will get you £4 off your first month's subscription box: simply enter "Coffee" at Seed Craft's checkout and enjoy your own fresh food vegetable garden!

Our own Coffee Ambassador and Allotment Queen Salis a massive fan - why not follow Seed Craft on Instagram too :)

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Nick enjoys a Fancy Cat Flat White!

If you want to see how Nick makes a delicious flat white at home, using two cafetieres, watch a video here.