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Invented in Great Britain and proudly exported around the world, dunking is thought to have started with sailors dunking their 'Hard Tack' rations in coffee or rum to make them edible. Love it or hate it - we all know people who do it... I do it with toast too and sometimes sandwiches...Raccoons dunk nearly all their food, so what do you do?

Which is the best biscuit for dunking?

It's hotly debated but actually very simple - if you don't like a certain type of biscuit then you probably won't want to dunk it, likewise the best biscuit in the world may be even better after dunking!

My favourites are the humble Shortbread and Border Dark Chocolate & Ginger.

Unless you are sharing your brew, then you can double or even triple dip.


Some simple Tips before you Dip:

  • You will have to find out for yourself which biscuits are best - the 'data' on the internet is very conflicting
  • Test the integrity of what you are going to dunk! Some puny biscuits disintegrate on entry
  • Avoid anything with oily coatings or loose parts (buttered toast)
  • Finally - Don't do it in public - apparently many people have strong anti-dunking feelings including my own team!

Paula: Nah I'm not a savage!

Alex: Nope, but I do like to suck tea through a Kit Kat

Kate: Dunking ban in this house! It makes Keith come over all 'Quokka' ha ha!

Claire: No way! But Steve and Izzy are...

Annalisa: Yes :)

Rubin: NO!

Lastly, don't forget for the perfect dunking material - you can always make your own! Here's a Fancy Cat Mocha Biscuit Recipe created by the awesome Healthy Chef Mitch Lee...

Peace out