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Coffee cherries

I believe our five Moods blends run a spectrum of coffee flavour - there is of course an almost infinite variety of flavours available from coffee, especially when you consider different varietals, blends, brewing methods, dosing and grinds. But put simply, the way I look at it is; coffee tastes go from bright, sour, citrus, light fruit flavours on the left to rich chocolatey nutty on the right with a great journey in between.

Expressed in the language of Moods coffee that would be:

Hectic Hamster> Brilliant Raccoon > Partied out Panda > Fancy Cat > Intrepid Baboon

Of course I drink our coffee most of the time, but only because I like it ;) and I try to cycle through all the blends (with a bias toward BR) but I also like to try new coffee whenever I come across it. The World of Coffee is both diverse and fascinating with new and different flavours being created every season.

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A diverse selection of flavour

The complexity or otherwise of coffee is one of the barriers to people exploring different types - do you need to know whether your coffee is Washed or Natural, do you need to know the altitude it was grown at? No, do you like the way it tastes? That's the only important factor and the rest is there if you want to explore it. Don't accept 'coffee snobbery'. There is always someone who knows or would like you to think they know more but ultimately you-do-you and just enjoy coffee!

Obviously, this is the perfect time to suggest you try the different coffees we offer - but its true! Start your World coffee tour today!