Brilliant Raccoon®

Brilliant Raccoon®

Get in the Mood for results

If you want to be boosted by your coffee, Brilliant Raccoon® is impactful, caffeine rich and makes a tremendous training buddy! 

I'm the Raccoon who helps you reach your goal

If you want to be more dynamic, my rich and balanced coffee can give you that kick to help find new limits!

Get ready for action with Brilliant Raccoon® 

100% natural with no additives, Brilliant Raccoon® is an impactful caffeine-rich coffee, which if drunk 30-60 minutes before training or exercise will give a natural boost that can help with your performance. A beefy original blend of high quality Arabica beans make a deliciously balanced and rounded cup.

Men's Fitness Magazine listed Brilliant Raccoon® and his buddy Intrepid Baboon® as 'essential things to put into your basket' so why not try some Raccoon Power today or even treat a friend to a bit of pre-training 'kick'...

And if you would like to read more about the benefits of coffee and training, check out this article HERE


Suitable for Cafetière and Filter. Use approximately one dessert spoon of coffee per cup and adjust to suit your taste.

Once opened, for optimum freshness and aroma, keep the coffee in an airtight container and consume within two weeks.

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Back to my other buddies

And there's even more reasons why you can enjoy a cup

Did you know that the compounds found in coffee - not just caffeine - have numerous health benefits? Amazingly, caffeine only makes up about 2% of coffee. The rest include powerful antioxidants and can have an impact on human metabolism. The caffeine in coffee has been shown to improve alertness and concentration as well as physical performance.

So for health and everyday productivity - whether at home, at work or being active - to feel good, coffee should always be on the menu.

Drink Coffee, Be Happy!

What our customers say

Essential part of my pre-race routine

‘I love coffee, it’s an essential part of my pre-race routine. The performance benefits of a natural and digestible caffeine source are well reported. Brilliant Raccoon gives me that extra kick I need and some mental sharpness ready for the race and melee that can occur at the start of open water triathlons’

Melanie Clarke, Team GB Triathlete

Awesome taste, clean & natural product, perfect as a pre-workout coffee!

As a Personal Trainer and Bikini Competitor, I use caffeine for performance purposes and to give me that extra boost before my daily 5am training sessions. As I follow a strict diet, it is important to me that the coffee I use is 100% natural and contains no additives. Brilliant Raccoon is fantastic as not only does it tick all those boxes, but it also has a smooth, rich, full - bodied flavour without a hint of bitterness. I would definitely recommend this to any athlete looking to perform to their maximum!

Victoria Wood

For those days when you just feel dead!

As a full time athlete, you have those days when you just feel dead! I love a good coffee pick-me-up and my new found mates the Coffee Buddies keep me going in training and when relaxing – I love the taste of them ALL, but Brilliant Raccoon is the one who works me the hardest!‘

Aaron McKibbin, Paralympic medallist

Taking my training to the next level​

I aim to be the best athlete I can possibly be. In my eyes that comes from perfecting my art in practice and it’s great to have the Brilliant Raccoon to help me get in the mood for my workouts, being part of my taking my training to the next level

Jordan Turner, Boxer, PT and all round athlete

Why I love coffee and Coffee Buddies…

Fortunately for me, being a coffee buddies fanatic comes hand in hand with its powerful performance enhancing effects. For me, Brilliant Raccoon gives me the edge to push limits during tough competition and brutal training sessions to also promoting my recovery by helping me restore glycogen at a quicker rate. From those benefits alone, and the three being only a small number of caffeine gains, it makes sipping on my coffee buddies an absolute pleasure, especially when the high quality Arabica beans form a tasty well rounded cup for all round fuel!

Lisa Aitken, Professional Squash Player

Just the kick I need!

Brilliant Raccoon is seriously one of the nicest coffees I have ever had. It tastes strong but not too bitter and I feel it really kick in before a workout, giving me the energy boost I need! 5/5

Mitch Lee, Free runner and Healthy Chef

Fab to kick start of a busy day!

Perfect for the burst of energy needed first thing to get me out the door!

Tabitha F


100% something to start your day off with, especially if you train then a fantastic natural pre-workout, as in the fitness industry, caffeine gets used to help our performances! It’s a natural fine texture coffee that gives you a kick!


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