Hectic Hamster®

Hectic Hamster®

Get in the Mood to get stuff done

If you want to be energised by your coffee, then Hectic Hamster® is light, easy and good company all day long. Work, rest or play, this Hamster makes a great buddy!

I'm the Hamster who keeps you going

If you've got loads to do and haven't time to stop, my natural and invigorating coffee can keep you lively all day long!

Keep your buzz on with Hectic Hamster® 

100% natural with no additives, Hectic Hamster® Coffee is a light original blend of high quality Arabica beans which make a crisp cup with slightly fruity, citrus tones. 


Suitable for Cafetière and Filter. Use approximately one dessert spoon of coffee per cup and adjust to suit your taste.

Once opened, for optimum freshness and aroma, keep the coffee in an airtight container and consume within two weeks.

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Back to my other buddies

And there's even more reasons why you can enjoy a cup

Did you know that the compounds found in coffee - not just caffeine - have numerous health benefits? Amazingly, caffeine only makes up about 2% of coffee. The rest include powerful antioxidants and can have an impact on human metabolism. The caffeine in coffee has been shown to improve alertness and concentration as well as physical performance.

So for health and everyday productivity - whether at home, at work or being active - to feel good, coffee should always be on the menu.

Drink Coffee, Be Happy!

What our customers say

Fab coffee

Fantastic coffee coupled with fast and professional service = winner

Pia W


Purchased as a gift, but the free sample with my order is delicious! Very pleased, and will be ordering again soon for myself!


Recommend it

The "Get in the mood" blends are what they say they are, really good at picking you up, or just giving you REALLY good cup. We like Fancy Cat a lot, but for the morning I often choose the hamster


Love Hectic!

Maybe it's the no additives or the use of such good quality coffee beans but this is so full of flavour for a 'light-medium' coffee. No bitter aftertaste. Beats anything I've had so far. It also helps me beat all my rivals. I am a competitive ultra-runner and this fuels me before any race.....boom pow!

Jo Meek, Team GB Ultra runner

Keeps us buzzing!

We drink this coffee at work - delicious, and keeps us going when the going gets tough!

Claire A

Came back for more buzz

It was a repeat order, and as expected, it was as good as before!


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