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Hectic Hamster Bag
Hectic Hamster Bag
Keep your buzz on with

Hectic Hamster Coffee

Hectic Hamster® is a light gourmet blend of high quality Arabica beans. This makes a crisp coffee with slightly fruity, citrus tones. Enjoy his easy-going natural energy and reliably good company, wherever you are. (Fully recyclable packaging).

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So, who is this Hectic Hamster?

I'm the Hamster who keeps you going!

If you've got loads to do and haven't time to stop, my invigorating coffee can see you through the day.

My original gourmet blend is made up from great beans, roasted in small batches to deliver premium, delicious, fresh coffee.

Choose me as GROUND and I'll arrive ready to brew. Also a good choice if you want to buy me as a coffee gift, but not sure if the lucky coffee-lover has a grinder. Simply add me to your basket and I'll be delivered as a medium grind ready for Cafetière, Filter or Aeropress.

Choose me as BEANS if you're a 'Bean Boss' and want to tweak the grind to suit your taste. Also a good choice if you want to make me with other equipment - Siphon, Dripper, Moka... everyone has their favourite right? Just choose beans when ordering and get creative.

Last but not least, feel positive knowing that when you make buddies with me, I'm the real deal - here to keep you and our planet happy...

I'm 100% natural, my coffee bag is recyclable, the postal boxes/bags are recyclable/ biodegradable, and any bits 'n' bobs that might arrive with me are made from sustainable sources, recycled, reusable, recyclable or can be repurposed!

Add that pep to your step

with Hectic Hamster...

Get in the Mood® to get stuff done

Lean on this Hamster all day long

Cupping NotesWhen you drink Hectic Hamster®, think bright sour cherries, crisp with slightly fruity, citrus tones. He's got a light to medium body.
Brewing TipsThere are loads of ways to be invigorated by Hectic Hamster®'s fruity-citrus tones. This time he's buzzing with Alex making an Aeropress...See how...
Health FactsDid you know that coffee has a very positive effect on general and future health benefits...Find out more...