Intrepid Baboon®

Intrepid Baboon®

Get in the Mood to make things happen

If you want to be excited by your coffee, Intrepid Baboon® coffee is daring, bold and great for a fresh perspective.

I'm the Baboon who inspires change 

If you want to try something new, my dark and full flavoured coffee can give you that push to help you get started!

Start an adventure with Intrepid Baboon® 

100% natural with no additives, Intrepid Baboon® Coffee is a rich original blend of full flavoured Arabica beans mixed with a small percentage of high quality Robusta for that special bite. This dark Italian-inspired coffee delivers a great crema and a delightful aroma. 


Suitable for Espresso.To make one shot with a traditional espresso machine, use approximately one and half to two teaspoons of coffee and adjust to suit your taste.

Once opened, for optimum freshness and aroma, keep the coffee in an airtight container and consume within two weeks.

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back to my other buddies

And there's even more reasons why you can enjoy a cup

Did you know that the compounds found in coffee - not just caffeine - have numerous health benefits? Amazingly, caffeine only makes up about 2% of coffee. The rest include powerful antioxidants and can have an impact on human metabolism. The caffeine in coffee has been shown to improve alertness and concentration as well as physical performance.

So for health and everyday productivity - whether at home, at work or being active - to feel good, coffee should always be on the menu.

Drink Coffee, Be Happy!

What our customers say

When I need a pre-training boost...

I like to hang out with my coffee buddies – Intrepid Baboon, Brilliant Raccoon and Hectic Hamster – these boys keep me buzzing across the water!

Sarah Kingdom, Team GB Wakeboarding

Great gift

Purchased as a gift, nice design with a fun character/concept. I'm sure my friend will love this for his birthday


A great way to start Father's Day!

Enjoyed it so much we've ordered two more bags. Looking forward to trying out the rest of the animals!

Mark John

Great product

Very good coffee that I actually use in a standard cafetiere, not in an espresso machine. Cool packaging as well :) Will definitely buy again.

Agetha G

Amazing taste!

I had high expectations for this coffee and it didn't disappoint. Lovely deep flavour, but smooth with no unpleasant after tastes.

I also used it to create a flavoured latte with protein powder, almond milk and zero cal syrups which was a lovely alternative to my normal drink.

Well worth trying if you like a strong tasting coffee to start your day


Makes an excellent breakfast coffee

A beautiful coffee - dark, smooth and the perfect level of bitterness. Perfect wake me up in the morning.


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