Partied Out Panda®

Partied Out Panda®

Get in the Mood to take it easy

If you want to be soothed by your coffee, then Partied Out Panda® is mild, warming and will ease you into the day. Try her for breakfast, or anytime you want some peace and quiet...

I'm the Panda who knows how to chill

If you're looking for some quiet time, my smooth and mellow coffee is deliciously rounded and promises not to shout!

Wake up gently with Partied Out Panda® 

100% natural with no additives, Partied Out Panda® Coffee is a pleasing original blend of high quality Arabica beans which create a smooth cup with a medium body. 


Suitable for Cafetière and Filter. Use approximately one dessert spoon of coffee per cup and adjust to suit your taste.

Once opened, for optimum freshness and aroma, keep the coffee in an airtight container and consume within two weeks.

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And there's even more reasons why you can enjoy a cup

Did you know that the compounds found in coffee - not just caffeine - have numerous health benefits? Amazingly, caffeine only makes up about 2% of coffee. The rest include powerful antioxidants and can have an impact on human metabolism. The caffeine in coffee has been shown to improve alertness and concentration as well as physical performance.

So for health and everyday productivity - whether at home, at work or being active - to feel good, coffee should always be on the menu.

Drink Coffee, Be Happy!

What our customers say

Perfect Panda

My favourite part of the day….Panda time!

Mark C

Excellent coffee

Some of the best flavours and coffee I've ever tried. Will definitely be a regular in my cupboard

Antony L


Absolutely lovely coffee. Will continue to come back for more :)


Really is a gentle wake up!

This is a smooth rich coffee that wakes you up gently and leaves you set up for the day!

Tabitha F

Perfect recharge

Perfect morning coffee. To be honest, it hits the spot even when I haven't been partying


So many compliments

Seriously had so many people ask us where we get this from as it's such a lovely blend. Fantastic stuff!!


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