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Sometimes you just don't know, and that’s ok. We're regularly scratching around for answers to some of life's most difficult questions, like what does my star-sign tell me about my caffeine addiction? Or how dark can coffee actually get?

So, if you want to call or email, we're here to answer your burning questions...

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  • We offer free delivery on orders over £35. For other orders, the price we charge you depends on the shipping costs. Please be assured that we do our best to keep delivery costs to a minimum. The amount we pay depends on the weight of your coffee and gifts but we try to keep things simple for you by banding delivery charges based on the value of your basket. For most orders, you can select your delivery preference during the checkout and the prices are as follows:

    For 2nd class postage:
    Order value of £0-£9 - costs £1.99
    Order value of £9.01 - £34.99 costs £3.20

    For 1st class postage:
    Order value of £0-26.50 costs £3.85
    Order value of £26.51 - £34.99 costs £5.57

    Free shipping 2nd class over £35.

    There are more options for signed for delivery, Highlands and Islands and DPD. Please send us an email if you have any questions about delivery charges.

    Last updated: November 2021.

  • Yes, Free Delivery offers do include Highlands and Islands, but only up to £48 per order. So if you'd like to order more, simply split up your consignments so the value is £48 or less, otherwise we would need to charge, sorry!

  • Unfortunately, this functionality isn't available at the moment. For now you can only assign 1 delivery address per order, so if you wanted to send off multiple presents to different places, you will have to send them as separate orders. Sorry for the hassle!

  • At the moment, all subscriptions and gift subscriptions are UK based only. Sorry!

  • In general, we don't print out any packing notes. The Coffee Buddies™ love trees, naturally so we keep paper wastage to a minimum.

    The exceptions are for Trade Customers who might need a paper trail for their accountant, and for Gift Recipients who will want to know who sent them the lovely parcel of delicious coffee!

  • Yes, during the check out procedure, there is a space for you to write a personalised message. The message will be printed as part of a packing slip and included in your consignment. This will let the lucky recipient know who sent the Coffee Buddies™ over to visit.

    Shhh... We won't breathe a word about the prices on the packing slip. That's the joy of a gift!

  • We accept PayPal and all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, Maestro. So get clicking and get the Coffee Buddies™ over to party!

  • Oh No! That's a shame - please do contact us via our CONTACT FORM found in the web footer and let us know why. We can then suggest another of the Coffee Buddies™ you might prefer, and/or a different way to brew that might be more to your taste.

    Unfortunately we can't accept perishable goods, such as our coffee, as a return. Please do get in touch so we can help get you back to being happy though!

    Please read our Returns Policy.

  • We did and we hope to again! Our adventurous Coffee Buddies™ love to travel but unfortunately political events have created many extra obstacles to shipping outside the UK. The extra customs rules etc. also mean carriers have to charge us more at the moment but we hope this will settle down in time.

  • We committed in promoting a culture of environmental awareness across everything we do. We seek to work with suppliers of goods and services who have adopt best environmental practices and procure goods from sustainable sources wherever possible.

    We responsibly follow the mantra of DO IT RIGHT : HAPPY PLANET - our roaster has solar power to run his electricity and we steer our supply decisions around the key principles of being able to reuse, recycle, reclaim or re-purpose as much as we can.

    We aim not to have excess packaging just for the sake of it, and any physical communications we share with you we try to make relevant to the business of coffee, and again, if possible, make something that can be re-purposed or recycled.

    A few examples:

    Our Coffee Bags are recyclable,

    Our Postal Bags are biodegradable,

    Our Postal Boxes are recyclable,

    Our inner craft paper Gift Bags are made from recycled paper and are also recyclable,

    Our fabric Gift Bags are made from organic cotton, are reusable & recyclable

    Our pulp coffee-coasters are made from an FSC approved source, printed with food standards approved ink and are reusable & recyclable!

    You get the gist 😉

    More about our Values.

  • Once we have dispatched your coffee, we are relying on our expert delivery partners to do their stuff. We are sure that you appreciate that during these difficult times, everyone is under extra pressure, so please do bear with them as they try to get your coffee to you!

    If your parcel hasn't turned up within 5 working days, please do contact us and we'll be able to investigate. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

    Check out our Policy for more delivery related information.

  • We only dispatch on working days Monday to Friday. The Coffee Buddies™ love to work hard and play hard so we do not dispatch at weekends or on bank holidays, sorry.

    If you place an order by 14.00 GMT on a Monday - Friday, we aim to dispatch the same day and your goods will be delivered according to which service has been selected i.e Express, Free standard 2-4 days to UK Mainland etc.

    Any orders placed after 14.00 GMT will be dispatched the next working day.

    If you place an order on the weekend or a bank holiday, this will be dispatched the next working day.

    Check out our Policy for more delivery related information.

  • Yes we do with specific orders:

    On Catering Bundles, the 6 kg bundle includes Free Delivery to UK Mainland as standard, taking 2-4 working days.

    On Retail Packs, any 3 boxes or more includes Free Delivery to UK Mainland as standard, taking 2-4 working days.

    We can quote on Express delivery and outside UK Mainland.

    Check out our Policy for more delivery related information.

  • If you have any return queries, the first thing to do is please check out ways to contact us via the CONTACT link in the web footer - you can explain what has happened and we can help faster!

    We have a 30-day return policy on all items that are not coffee, which means you have 30 days after receiving your item to request a return.

    Certain types of items cannot be returned, like perishable goods such as our coffee. Please get in touch if you have questions or concerns about your specific item so we might suggest a solution.

    Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns on sale items or gift cards.

    For our full policy please read here.

  • YES we offer free delivery on all orders over £35 to the mainland UK as standard (per destination).

    We also offer free delivery on all subscriptions to the mainland UK too. These deliveries are set at a standard shipping speed which on average takes between 2-4 working days. If you need your Coffee Buddies™ to arrive faster, you have the option to upgrade your delivery preferences at checkout.

    Please note: As well as meeting the destination criteria, to qualify for free shipping, the value of your order has to be above £35 after any discounts you might apply.

    Check out our Policy for more delivery related information.

  • If you order 1 bag only, yes this will fit though your letter box as we selected a larger flatter pouch for just this reason. However, we rather hope that you'll love the Coffee Buddies™ that much that you'll want more than one round at a time... in which case you can opt for delivery to a safe place with national couriers as standard. Alternatively Royal Mail have a policy that if you're not at home, they'll attempt to deliver your package to your neighbour and leave a card.

    If, they can't deliver, they'll leave a card and take the package back to the Customer Service Point. You can then either collect it or arrange a re-delivery (full details will be on the card).

  • We're really sorry but we don't accept any returns on the coffee itself, but of course we would be delighted to hear what your concern is so we might suggest a solution !

    Please check out ways to contact us via the CONTACT LINK in the web footer as we'd love to help make you happy again.

    We do offer returns on other products such as merchandise gifts. Please check out our Returns Policy.

  • MOSTLY YES! The consumer bags are fully recyclable and classified as PE/PE-EVOH. Please check with your own council regarding their particular kerbside collection policy. Also don't forget brewed (used) coffee grounds are also recyclable in the garden; for starters your acid-loving plants like hydrangeas, rhododendrons, azaleas, lily of the valley, blueberries, carrots, and radishes can get a boost from fresh grounds (once they've cooled down, of course)!

    We are temporarily using 'standard' type black valve bags for our trade beans as we have had trouble with the integrity of our recyclable ones and are waiting for this to be resolved.

  • We don’t offer a decaf currently. It's not something we would rule out as there are various methods of decaffeination and these have improved greatly over the years. These methods take place prior to roasting and may use organic solvents such as methylene dichloride or ethyl acetate, supercritical CO2, or water to extract caffeine from the beans while leaving flavour precursors in as close to their original state as possible. We will continue to evaluate the possibility of introducing decaf Coffee Buddies™ provided the quality meets the high standards set by the rest of the gang.

  • Nope! The only ingredients in the Coffee Buddies™ are coffee beans and love. The different flavour profiles of the blends is achieved by combining different varieties of beans, all of which have their own properties, and roast times.

    Cupping (the art/science of tasting coffee), has its own terminology and gives us our taste and aroma descriptions – Fancy Cat® for example, is described as a chocolate-tasting coffee and does not contain actual chocolate. How closely your own cup matches the description will depend on how you brew it.

  • The best and most annoying answer to this is ‘it depends’.

    What sort of equipment do you have; espresso machine, French press, Aeropress, V Dripper, filter machine etc.? All our coffees will require some sort of machine and we have outlined some of them in our blog.

    Once you have the basics covered, you can adjust strength by brew time in some cases or the amount of coffee used.

    Another thing to bear in mind is what grind of coffee do you have; a particular grind will only be suitable for some methods, not all. So if you have invited the Coffee Buddies™ over as ground coffee, you are better off sticking to the suited methods. Of course we don’t want to stifle your creativity and you can freestyle a bit but it's probably better to stick to the conventional wisdom.

    Buying beans is a good option if you want more options on brewing methods.

  • We roast in batches to suit the predicted level of demand to keep things fresh. The 'Best Before' date on the bag is just a general food guideline, standard within the coffee industry.

    Once opened, for optimum freshness and aroma, keep your coffee in an airtight container (like the bag we supplied it in). Ideally, consume ground coffee within two weeks and beans within four.

    That said, if stored sensibly it will not go off in that time. What does happen over time is that it will start to lose some of the more delicate flavours, changing the profile of the blends.

    For the freshest brew we recommend storing your beans as suggested above, and then only grinding the amount you need as per the requirements of the brew method you are using - in other words, grind on demand!

  • No. Our coffees are blends and whilst it is possible they may contain some organic coffee (can’t say as they are our secret recipes), to qualify for organic certification, we would have to comply with some very strict guidelines regarding roasting and the provenance of the beans themselves.

    Also, coffee plants are quite sensitive souls and there are a number of diseases that can cause havoc on a plantation but are quite controllable with careful use of pesticide. With challenging weather in recent years the farmers have their hands full.

  • No. All our coffees are blends and whilst those blends may contain some Fairtrade beans, all our beans are selected purely on what they bring to the mix, literally. Whilst we feel Fairtrade is a good organisation, we are not currently members as this gives us the flexibility to create the best coffee blends we can. Instead we keep our supply chains as short as possible to keep "middle men" to a minimum.

  • The Coffee Buddies™ are an original range of 100% pure coffee, blended from a variety of specially selected Arabica beans (with some quality Robusta in the espresso), freshly roasted for optimum flavour. The character of each coffee is reflected by an animal, giving the coffee added ‘personality’ to provide a delicious, fun, and memorable drinking experience. Why not invite them over to discover your favourite Coffee Buddies™?!