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Some frequently asked questions

Where do you sell?

We sell direct to trade retailers such as luxury food halls, farm shops, delis, garden centres, gyms (plus distributors and wholesalers, hamper companies etc). but we also have an online partner where you can order direct.

Can I sell Get in the Mood® products?

Yes if you have an online or physical shop, and your other products won't get an inferiority complex!

Can I sell just one of the coffee blends or do I need to take them all?

We would recommend that you take the full range as every customer will have their own favourite and generally drinks more than one blend (dependant on what mood they are in!). Even gyms/supplement stores who might favour Brilliant Raccoon® as their top pre-training coffee, find their customers also drink Intrepid Baboon® and Hectic Hamster® too. 

Pssst - if that doesn't convince you, there is a FREE counter top unit with your first order, and this takes ALL the gang!