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£20 Gift Voucher

Most people love giving coffee gifts to those they know LOVE coffee, but choosing exactly the right present can sometimes be unnecessarily stressful; you're probably asking yourself whether they prefer beans to ground, what type of machines they use? Perhaps you know they are mad about Pandas (after all who isn't!) but prefer their coffee to taste citrusy, or they're sporty, but would they prefer a punchy or a rounded coffee ... yup it can be overwhelming we know!

Ease the pressure with the ultimate gift of choice - a Get in the Mood® £30.00 Gift Voucher!

£20This gift voucher will be delivered via email
The marvellous gift of giving

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Coffee lovers will love you, almost as much as their coffee!

We offer e-gift vouchers in 4 popular values to help make your buying experience as simple as possible; buy our e-vouchers at £10, £30, £50 or £100, or combine any together for the perfect amount to suit your budget. Your gift recipient can then simply exchange their e-vouchers for any products featured on our site.

Following our best practice for eco-friendly considerations, this gift voucher is NOT PHYSICAL and will be sent by email to you. You'll receive the voucher purchase through the email that you've set up your account with, which you can then forward to your recipient, or print it out and personally present the voucher to them. (It will have one of the Coffee Buddies™on it, so it will stand out!)

In either case, your gift recipient will be required to enter the voucher codes for their purchases before their coffee goodies can be delivered.

So panic over! No need to rack your brain for exactly the right coffee gift for your coffee-loving circle of family and friends, they can choose for themselves and you can ensure they get exactly what they’re looking for!

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Get in the Mood® Coffee

There are about a million others, too!

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Totally Delicious Original BlendsCarefully selected different beans from around the world, blended & roasted together to deliver specific tasting characteristics and a ‘personality’ to match your mood.
Freshly Roasted Gourmet CoffeeA premium range of 100% pure coffee, blended from a variety of specially selected Arabica beans (with quality Robusta in our espresso), freshly roasted for optimum taste and aroma.
Do it Right, Happy PlanetRecyclable coffee bags and recyclable/biodegradable postal boxes/bags. Other bits 'n' bobs are either made from sustainable/recycled sources, or are made so they can be recycled, reused or repurposed!