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Good to Go Coffee Kit

This winning Good to Go Coffee Kit is perfect for coffee lovers who like to make quality coffee where ever they are. This thoughtful combination includes a very clever thermo mug (BPA-free) which doubles up as a cafetière so it couldn't be easier to grab a coffee for one (in or out of bed!)

Choose your Good to Go Coffee Kit with Partied out Panda, Hectic Hamster, Fancy Cat or Brilliant Raccoon - as these are already pre GROUND suitable for making in cafetière.

Make a quality brew part of your daily routine with this handy coffee kit. Grab this mug and your favourite Coffee Buddy in their resealable (and recyclable) bag for delicious, gourmet coffee wherever you are... at work, at home, in the garden, on holiday - or when visiting friends who haven't yet discovered good coffee!

Perfectly brewed coffee couldn't be more convenient with a Good to Go Kit!

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Perfectly brewed coffee, conveniently!

Quality without compromise

The perfect Coffee Gift for the busy coffee lover -ahem, why not treat yourself while you're at it!

Firstly, what they'll drink:

Get in the Mood's original gourmet coffees are expertly crafted blends to deliver a spectrum of tastes which makes them perfect gifts for coffee lovers. Roasted in small batches so your lucky coffee-lover will enjoy drinking premium, 100% natural fresh coffee to match their mood.

In this Good to Go Coffee Kit, you can choose between:

Partied out Panda Coffee - a mellow, smooth coffee with a slight sweetness. Coffee Flavour Strength: 2 OUT OF 5.

Hectic Hamster Coffee - a crisp tasting coffee with slightly fruity, citrus tones. Coffee Flavour Strength: 2 OUT OF 5.

Brilliant Raccoon Coffee - a punchy flavour for a balanced, bright and rounded cup. This coffee is lightly roasted to maintain more caffeine so you can drink Brilliant Racoon 30-60 minutes before training if you are looking for a natural performance boost. Coffee Flavour Strength: 3 OUT OF 5

Fancy Cat Coffee - Good-bodied, velvety smooth coffee with chocolate tones. Coffee Flavour Strength: 4 OUT OF 5.

Which ever Coffee Buddy you choose, they arrive with a super Zyliss single serve cafetière and thermo mug in one.

This clever cafetière mug lets you make freshly brewed coffee wherever you are in a convenient way. Simply add a scoop of your fresh ground coffee, add off-the-boil hot water to the fill line (a bit less if you want to add milk), stir, pop the plunger on-top and let it sit for a couple of minutes to brew, then press down the mesh filter gently. Voila! Fresh Coffee! Pssst, if you do over fill or plunge too fast (because you're excited to drink your coffee), a few grounds might pop over the mesh😉

The lightweight 350ml thermo mug has a double-wall construction to help keep your coffee hotter for longer, its BPA free, dishwasher safe and guaranteed for 5 years.

Please note, whilst this has a lid to avoid spills and a drinking spout, it's not 100% leakproof; it hasn't been designed to be a car travel mug that you can swig from whilst driving, or for you to grab as you're running for your train. Instead, think of this as an incredibly handy way to make a cup of fresh delicious ground coffee on the spot (kettle permitting!)

Perfectly brewed coffee, conveniently, simply by having this mug and a resealable bag of quality coffee to hand, in your handbag, sports bag, desk drawer, garage, cupboard, suitcase... you get the gist!

Last but not least, remember all the Coffee Buddies are 100% natural, their coffee bags are recyclable, the postal boxes/bags are recyclable/ biodegradable, and any bits 'n' bobs that might arrive with them are made from sustainable sources, recycled, reusable, recyclable or can be repurposed!

In short, you can feel happy that you're giving a delicious, unique and eco-friendly coffee gift. Your recipient will think you're amazing, love every part of your thoughtful present and be in the best mood ever! WIN WIN - you're definitely Good to Go!!

Please note this Coffee Kit arrives in a recyclable postal box and not in a presentation gift box.

Coffee with Character to Match your Mood - Happy Days!

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