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Freshly roasted coffee

Impact Coffee Gift Set

Not sure what to buy a Coffee Lover? This is a brilliant coffee gift, doubly so if they love to exercise - here's why... They'll receive all 5 Coffee Buddies™, all original coffee blends and freshly roasted of course. Plus they are delivered in an organic cotton sports rucksack! Don't forget our coffee packaging itself is recyclable and this bag is reusable and ethically produced, so you can feel happy that you are giving a delicious, unique and eco-friendly coffee gift.

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For all coffee lovers

Especially those who enjoy being active!

Rucksack and coffee bags
Get in the Mood®

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Get in the Mood®'s original gourmet coffee blends, deliver a spectrum of taste for discerning coffee lovers. The Coffee Buddies™ are expertly blended and freshly roasted to help make everyone's coffee experience personal and enjoyable!

Whether that special person needs help waking up in the morning, getting their fire going during a tough gym session or company for some quality down-time, the gang are always ready to come on over!

Meet: Partied out Panda®, Hectic Hamster®,Brilliant Raccoon®, Fancy Cat® and Intrepid Baboon®all roasted in small batches so your lucky coffee-lover will enjoy a variety of premium, delicious, fresh coffee to match their different moods. By the way, Brilliant Raccoon® is also a fantastic pre-training coffee due to the way he's been roasted to retain more caffeine. They'd be in great company as Team GB athletes drink him; also check out this great whitepaper about the benefits of coffee with training if you want to know more :)

Anyway, we digress!

Choose this Impact Coffee Gift Set as GROUND if you want the guys to arrive at their house ready to brew (or if you're not quite sure if they have a grinder). When you add to your basket, the buddies will be delivered as a medium grind ready for Cafetière, Filter or Aeropress. It's so easy this way, very popular and you really can't go wrong!

Choose this Impact Coffee Gift Set as BEANS if you know your coffee-lover is a 'Bean Boss' and probably will want to tweak the grind to suit their taste. Also a good choice if you think they might want to make coffee with other equipment - Siphon, Dripper, Moka... everyone has their favourite right? Just choose beans when ordering and then they can get creative.

Either way, they'll arrive in an original sports rucksack that's handy for training and easy to grab for all sorts when leaving the house! When you choose this gift, you can feel good knowing that your Brilliant Raccoon® inspired Sports Rucksack comes from good pedigree.

Firstly, this is certified organic cotton which means the fabric is grown organically, without the use of synthetic chemicals, such as fertilisers or pesticides.

Also it has been manufactured by a supplier who has demonstrated their commitment to corporate social responsibility and have passed strict auditing processes including Sedex, SMETA, BSCI, WRAP. This helps ensure that our supply chain and products are safe, fit for purpose and manufactured in ethically maintained and environmentally responsible conditions.

Reusable and ultimately recyclable too!

Last but not least, remember all the Coffee Buddies™ are 100% natural, their coffee bags are recyclable, the postal boxes/bags are recyclable/ biodegradable, and any bits 'n' bobs that might arrive with them are made from sustainable sources, recycled, reusable, recyclable or can be repurposed!

Coffee with Character to Match your Mood - Happy Days!

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Get in the Mood® Coffee

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Totally Delicious Original BlendsCarefully selected different beans from around the world, blended & roasted together to deliver specific tasting characteristics and a ‘personality’ to match your mood.
Do it Right, Happy PlanetRecyclable coffee bags and recyclable/biodegradable postal boxes/bags. Other bits 'n' bobs are either made from sustainable/recycled sources, or are made so they can be recycled, reused or repurposed!
Freshly Roasted Gourmet CoffeeA premium range of 100% pure coffee, blended from a variety of specially selected Arabica beans (with quality Robusta in our espresso), freshly roasted for optimum taste and aroma.