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Thank You Gifts - Panda & Stencil Set

Our Partied out Panda Mini Gift Sets, with an original fresh coffee blend and a fun Cappuccino stencil, make perfect thank you presents for coffee lovers. Give a Partied out Panda Mini Gift Set to let a friend know you care, put a smile on the face of your spouse or take round to family when you're getting together. Such a great little present under £10.00 for any coffee lover!

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Panda sprinkle4
Serious coffee

with a dash of fun!

Partied out Panda is an enjoyable nutty, mellow, smooth, rounded coffee with a medium body and mild tones. She's popular pre-ground as she can be made easily in a cafetière or filter machine (which most coffee drinkers have!). Alternatively, buy as beans and they can make her how ever they please! Coffee Flavour Strength 2 OUT OF 5.

Plus your gift recipient will have fun with our original food friendly certified, totally reusable Stencil that can be recycled - but, ahem, who in their right mind would want to recycle a panda?!

And don't forget our Coffee Bags are recyclable, as is the handy letterbox size postal box it arrives in!

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