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The Coffee Buddies Luxury Coffee Gift Box

Everyone loves this amazing coffee gift. Whether for your family or friends, a colleague or a corporate present, here's why this is special... Your lucky coffee lover receives all 5 Coffee Buddies, delectable gourmet blends of high quality Arabica beans, freshly roasted and packed in resealable and recyclable bags, 3 organic & vegan handmade chocolate bars (made from the finest, ethically-sourced, raw ingredients), a barista friendly reusable coffee cup (leakproof, BPA free and fully recyclable), and a fun Partied out Panda Cappuccino Stencil (food friendly certified, totally reusable).

Not only do all these items themselves have amazing eco-credentials (see below), the stunning gift box they're wrapped in, is also made from recycled materials. Oh AND a tree is planted to help reforest our planet when you buy this present 🌳

Nothing wrong with giving pyjamas and a book, but...

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the gift of giving just got better

Serious coffee with a dash of fun!

The perfect Coffee Gift for any one who is serious about their coffee and deserve a treat!

Firstly, what they'll drink & eat:

Get in the Mood's original gourmet coffees are expertly crafted blends to deliver a spectrum of taste for coffee lovers. Roasted in small batches so your lucky coffee-lover will enjoy drinking premium, 100% natural fresh coffee to match their mood. And as a perfect tasting combo, they'll eat amazing chocolate, handmade in the UK, in small batches from the finest, ethically-sourced, raw ingredients, bringing chocolate to another level...mmm mmm.

In this luxury coffee gift box:

All 5 Coffee Buddies, 227g of Fresh Coffee: Partied out Panda®, Hectic Hamster®, Brilliant Raccoon®, Fancy Cat® and Intrepid Baboon®are gourmet blends, consisting of specially selected Arabica beans from around the world (with quality Robusta in our espresso), and freshly roasted for optimum taste and aroma. The different 'character' of each coffee is reflected by a different animal who reflects the qualities of that blend and encourages them to indulge their passions and lifestyle. Not only can they enjoy matching their favourite coffee taste with the perfect depth of body, they can also choose to drink our delicious coffee to enhance whatever they're doing and the kind of mood they want to be in!

4 coffees will arrive medium ground, ready for Cafetière, Filter or Aeropress, with Intrepid Baboon ground ready for Espresso. Delivered in resealable and recyclable bags!

Award winning Conscious Chocolate -3 handmade 60g chocolate bars*:

Maca and Spirulina is a beautiful bar that holds unusual ingredients in a creamy richness that is akin to an ‘earthy caramel’. Spirulina is hailed as a nutritious super food (with powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties).

The Dark Side 85% is divinely dark and very low in sugar. The quality of the Peruvian cacao speaks for itself as this bar remains creamy, smooth and without any bitterness despite the high cacao content. This is very nutritious and also a powerful source of antioxidants.

Love Potion No.9 is a sensual and luxurious experience, reminiscent of the Prussian ‘Turkish Delight’. This creamy bar includes very special ingredients which compliment the Peruvian cacao and enhances the essence of romance. Expertly blended, using therapeutic food-grade essential oils and spices with an evocative rose oil from Bulgaria and maca from the Peruvian Andes.

All chocolate bars are organic, vegan and raw, free from dairy, soya, gluten, palm oil and refined sugars. All of the packaging is plastic free, recyclable and home compostable. The coloured printing is achieved through the use of vegetable inks, finished with a water-based varnish.

Barista and eco-friendly travel coffee cup: A fantastic double walled 16oz branded coffee cup that is BPA free and 100% recyclable. The double wall keeps your coffee hot and the thermal silicon sleeve keeps your hands cool! Great for travel as it's completely leakproof. Easy to re-fill in cafés. Microwave and dishwasher safe too. What's more, for every one of these cups included in our Coffee Hampers, the manufacturer plants a tree through Ecologi 💚

Partied out Panda's fun Cappuccino Stencil is food friendly certified, totally reusable, and can be recycled - but, ahem, who in their right mind would want to recycle a panda?!

The Packaging: Our gift boxes are manufactured from mostly recycled materials that account for approximately 92% of the product by weight. The grey-board (the rigid board in sections under the paper to create the underlying structure of the box) is 100% recycled and FSC certified. Reusable and recyclable - great for re-gifting too.

Our straw is natural paper shred made from recycled paper, virtually dust free. Biodegradable, recyclable and from sustainable sources. Great to re-use in a Hamster or Rabbit cage, or how about donating it to animal shelter when done?

In short, you can feel happy that you're giving a delicious, unique and eco-friendly coffee gift. Your recipient will think you're amazing, love every part of your thoughtful present and be in the best mood ever! WIN WIN!

* Allergen information : Packed in a factory that handles nuts.

Read more about health benefits of coffee HERE.

More about the power of GOOD chocolate HERE.

Chocolate nutritional source:

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Totally Delicious Original BlendsCarefully selected different beans from around the world, blended & roasted together to deliver specific tasting characteristics and a ‘personality’ to match your mood.
Do it Right, Happy PlanetRecyclable coffee bags and recyclable/biodegradable postal boxes/bags. Other bits 'n' bobs are either made from sustainable/recycled sources, or are made so they can be recycled, reused or repurposed!
Freshly Roasted Gourmet CoffeeA premium range of 100% pure coffee, blended from a variety of specially selected Arabica beans (with quality Robusta in our espresso), freshly roasted for optimum taste and aroma.