Coffee Buddy



Coffee Buddies™ at the ready...

So you like Get in the Mood® coffee right? And being the generous, big-hearted person you are, it's only natural that you'd want others to meet the Coffee Buddies™ too?

So we decided we’d make it all official 'n’ stuff, and set up ways to easily share the love.

Don’t worry, this isn’t some weird pyramid scheme, just an honest way to let folk who like our coffee get exclusive 'drinking discounts', and at the same time, share our coffee with you, our loyalists and entrepreneurs, at the best price possible.

Whether you are a member at a club and would love a coffee discount, a business owner who wants to serve quality fresh coffee or a store who fancies selling the Coffee Buddies™, check out the options below to find out more, and perhaps choose how you'd like to partner up.

Paws all together

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