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A retailer's joy!

Our Coffee Buddies love nothing better than jumping off shelves into customers' baskets!

People love drinking quality coffee - in the UK for example, people drink 95 million cups of coffee per day with 65% drunk at home, 25% at work or while studying, and the rest is consumed in shops, bars and restaurants*.

So why not sell the Coffee Buddies in your shop? You might be a fitness brand and think Brilliant Raccoon® would be the perfect natural boost for your active customers? Or perhaps you might sell lifestyle products and can see Fancy Cat® being right at home with your soft furnishings? Or maybe you feel the whole gang is perfect for adding to a gift hamper...

These guys holds all year-round appeal to a wide variety of customers, making memorable gifts and a regular ‘must have’ for coffee lovers. And with their recyclable bags, their eco-credentials are an added hit!

Why choose Get in the Mood® Coffee?

  1. Original gourmet coffee blends made with quality beans
  2. Expertly blended and freshly roasted
  3. Created to deliver a spectrum of taste for discerning coffee lovers
  4. 100% natural with no additives
  5. Unique brand and concept - The Coffee Buddies™
  6. Fully recyclable packaging

'Get in the Mood is outselling other known coffee brands and 2 times as fast!' Summerhill Farm Shop

'The quirky labels and excellent coffee have been a real hit with my customers – they keep coming back for more!' Pecks Farm Shop

'We love this range, but more importantly, so do our customers!' Harpers Food

If you're in the mood to dazzle your customers, please contact us for prices.

*Source: Centre for Economics and Business Research

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Everyone loves these guys - even Miso, Mitch Lee's cat!


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