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Serve Brilliant Raccoon® coffee to your customers and members

Got a bean to cup machine at your Club, Group HQ?

Why not buy Brilliant Raccoon® beans to help prepare your members for action! He's a punchy gourmet blend of high quality Arabica beans that makes a balanced, bright and rounded cup. Great for making a wide range of coffees from espresso to cappuccino, Americano and more.

If you are in the fitness industry, remember he's lightly roasted to maintain more caffeine, so club members who drink him 30-60 minutes before training or exercise can benefit from his natural boost that can help with their performance. You might like to read about the benefits of coffee and training here.

If your customers are not drinking to exercise, but simply looking for a delicious cup of coffee, they can enjoy his natural brilliant 'kick' that delivers a smooth, peachy, impactful drink. Also superb at washing down cake...

Yup! This fella is truly versatile and makes everyone feel like a winner!

Why choose Get in the Mood® Coffee?

  1. Original gourmet coffee blends made with quality beans
  2. Expertly blended and freshly roasted
  3. Created to deliver a spectrum of taste for discerning coffee lovers
  4. 100% natural with no additives
  5. Unique brand and concept - The Coffee Buddies™
  6. Fully recyclable packaging

Simply fill in the form to open a trade account and we'll send you prices on our 2 Kg and 6 Kg bean bundles and other useful guides on consumption.

Drinking coffee is an important part of everyday life – not just for the great taste but also for the benefits that the components found in coffee have on our bodies. Check out our coffee-health article if you'd like to know more.

Bean to cup
Brilliant Raccoon® 1kg bean bundles for catering


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