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Have the Coffee Buddies round any time, all the time!

We know you have a passion for your sport or hobby, and we know the gang love coming over to work, train, rest and play with you... So how about having them over more and paying less? Sounds good right?

Do you belong to a Club? Anything on or off line, like a Sports Club, Car Club, Charity Club, Breakfast Club, Film Club, Business Club, Comic Club, Knitting Club, Fundraising Club, Art Club, Gardening Club ...think you get the gist...

You open a Free Account and connect to your Club* and you'll save 25 pence off every bag of coffee, plus money off gifts as standard.

When you take out a subscription, ongoing you'll get a further 25 pence off every bag on any 4+ bag bundle, whether that's fortnightly or monthly.

Plus along the way we're bound to make up surprise deals for you, just because we like passionate people who are excited about what they do 🙂

*NOTE: Just to be clear, both YOU and YOUR CLUB need to be registered for you to enjoy the Club Member Discounts.

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How it Works

Let's get you and your Club connected

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    1. Open an Account with usClick Panda (ACCOUNT) very top right of screen, find your Club in the drop down & connect
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    2. Can't find your Club?Fill in the form below to let us know
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    3. If your Club IS registered...When you log in and start shopping, you'll auto receive your discounts


Fill in the form below and a member of the team will be in touch.

Ready to start but your Club ISN'T in the drop down list?

Open an Account in readiness...

Then simply fill in this form to let us know what Club you belong to, who the best contact is and we'll do the rest.

As soon as we get your Club on board, we'll ping you an email to let you know and you can hook them up in your account settings :)

Then you can start shopping and enjoying your discounts!