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Husband and wife team Ian and Paula Lain have always been passionate about good coffee, so they decided to create their own blends that gave a spectrum of taste for other coffee lovers.

Alongside running their design and marketing consultancy, they spent their free time working with different roasters and baristas, testing recipes that might tantalise customers’ taste buds and learning what appealed to different people.

They discovered the range and types of flavours that people enjoyed and learnt about what mood that person might be in, relating to when they wanted to drink their coffee.

It turned out it was a bit like dating: if the character of the coffee could be matched with the character of the person drinking it, they might just fall in love! Wanting to bring this connection to life, Paula started to illustrate animals that reflected some of the different moods which also resonated with the characteristics of each coffee.

BOOM! The Coffee Buddies® were born, and everyone can now Get in the Mood® for Coffee with Character!

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So what’s special about the Coffee Buddies™?

We want to make your coffee experience personal, enjoyable and long-lasting by putting YOU, our customer, at the centre of everything we do.

We’re about delivering you Coffee with Character – an original range of 100% pure coffee, blended from a variety of specially selected Arabica beans (with some quality Robusta in the espresso), freshly roasted for optimum flavour. The character of each coffee is reflected by an animal, giving the coffee added ‘personality’ to provide a delicious, fun, and memorable drinking experience.

We are specialists at taking carefully selected different beans from around the world. These beans have been grown on different varietals in different soils, at different altitudes, in different climates, delivering different properties, and then by blending and roasting these in a variety of ways, we create specific flavours and aromas. Our supply chain is short – grower -> importer -> roaster, and that adds up to consistency and accountability.

When you enjoy any of the Get in the Mood® coffees, you know there is a team of coffee lovers behind the scenes, devoted to providing you with the best possible cup.

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We all share a passion for coffee and like to laugh a lot.

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