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Sal Luke
Our approach

People Power

We’re about enjoying life and having fun, while treating people with respect and our planet responsibly.

We are sensitive to the culture and values of the different countries in which we might operate and we try to involve local people and knowledge wherever possible – we are ethical and respectful.

We build relationships with trusted suppliers who adhere to a good ethical code of practice, and who themselves work with a like-minded supply chain.

Our reputation for the quality of our coffee and service is reflected in these long-term loyal relationships.

our values

Happy Planet

We committed to promoting a culture of environmental awareness across everything we do. We seek to work with suppliers of goods and services who adopt best environmental practices and procure goods from sustainable sources wherever possible.

We responsibly follow the mantra of DO IT RIGHT : HAPPY PLANET - our roaster has solar power to run his electricity and we steer our supply decisions around the key principles of being able to reuse, recycle, reclaim or re-purpose as much as we can.

We aim not to have excess packaging just for the sake of it, and any physical communications we share with you we try to make relevant to the business of coffee, and again, if possible, make something that can be re-purposed or recycled.

A few examples:

Our Coffee Bags are recyclable,

Our Postal Bags are biodegradable,

Our Postal Boxes are recyclable,

Our inner craft paper Gift Bags are made from recycled paper and are also recyclable,

Our fabric Gift Bags are made from organic cotton, are reusable & recyclable

Our pulp coffee-coasters are made from an FSC approved source, printed with food standards approved ink and are reusable & recyclable!

You get the gist 😉

Paula rabbit
our mindset

Be in the moment

We believe in listening and paying close attention to the world around us - we are supportive and mindful.

We value people; we are not a ‘faceless’ business and like to work hands-on with our Customers, our Ambassadors, our Coffee Buddy Partners, our own Team and Suppliers – we keep promises and are loyal.

We apply an enthusiastic and creative approach to each and every interaction with the people we meet - we care and are positive.

We always offer our customers best value, be that our time or products – we are consistent and honest.